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[Shocking confession] Surgery to PERFECT your vision could RUIN your life!

You may be able to read ALL the lines on the eye chart in your doc’s office…

But you can’t drive at night. And in the light, everything looks like it has a “halo” around it.

Your eyes are painfully dry… and NOTHING seems to help.

Believe it or not, this is what happens AFTER one of the most common procedures done to correct vision.

Now, a top industry expert has BACKPEDALED on his original recommendation for it.

His confession is SHOCKING…

The procedure is SO RISKY… and the adverse events are SO LIKELY… that the whistleblower now says it should’ve never been greenlit in the first place.

The feds have been TIGHT-LIPPED about the risks. And docs are IN DENIAL.

Here’s what you need to know to decide for yourself.

Hindsight is 20/20

In the 1990s, it was Dr. Morris Waxler who led the FDA team that approved the devices used in LASIK eye surgery.

He left the agency in 2000 and has since retired.

But now he’s going BACK to his former colleagues to BEG them to UNDO the damage they’d done.

Victims of LASIK – and their family members – tracked Dr. Waxler down with complaints of long-lasting, life-wrecking complications from the procedure.

Coming FACE TO FACE with them made him realize what a MISTAKE he’d made while working as the FDA’s chief researcher.

And Dr. Waxler has been pleading with the feds to RECALL the devices ever since.

According to Dr. Waxler, the actual rate of adverse events for LASIK is 20% — MUCH higher than the 1% than was originally expected.

And that’s A LOT higher than your eye surgeon will ever tell you.

In fact, LASIK providers have been misrepresenting the incidences ofLINGERING complaints like dry eyes, issues with night vision, and others… FROM THE BEGINNING.

A doc who’s giving you the hard sell will claim that those side effects are minor… and temporary.

But that’s just not true. The damage can be PERMANENT.

And patients’ lives have been RUINED as a result.

Dr. Waxler has called for more transparency with patients considering LASIK surgery – but that’s not something that the FDA can enforce.

It can’t even BAN the surgery itself… only the devices used to perform it.

There are currently 50 different technologies for laser vision correction that have been approved by the FDA.

But don’t confuse quantity with QUALITY. Because when it comes to the safety of medical devices, the feds’ track record has been downright egregious.

If you’ve experienced a problem after LASIK surgery, you can complain to your doc or the management of the laser eye center…

But health professionals are NOT OBLIGATED to share that information with the FDA.

You could report LASIK problems to the FDA yourself… but you’d have to know the specific name of the laser used AND the name of its manufacturer.

The feds can’t force your eye surgeon to share that information with you.

If you’re tempted by the “quick fix” of laser eye surgery, consider the real risks of IRREVERSIBLE damage.

Maybe wearing those readers won’t seem so bad after all…

And if your eye doc is pushing laser technology to remove cataracts, make sure you’ve tried all non-surgical alternativesfirst.

Vision-supporting nutrients that can combat cataracts include lutein and zeaxanthin, which you should take together in supplement form.