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Get PERFECT thyroid function with this saltwater trick

You feel sluggish… you’re gaining weight… and you’re always reaching for a sweater.

If your thyroid is underactive, the signs are pretty obvious.

But it’s notoriously difficult to get over the hump of hypothyroidism… and get your vitality back.

Low thyroid function is often caused by a lack of iodine in your diet.

Yet the solution isn’t as simple as just getting more iodine.

You can too easily get TOO MUCH iodine.

And your thyroid needs your levels to be PERFECT in order to work properly.

Fortunately, there’s a way to support your endocrine system… and to support healthy thyroid function in particular… without going OVERBOARD.

The key is in a floating type of “sea grass” that may look funny… but is SERIOUS about getting your thyroid in tip-top shape.

A savior for thyroid distress

In the 4th century, a Chinese physician named K.E. Hung used seaweed to treat thyroid issues.

He didn’t know WHY it worked… only that it DID.

But we know why now…

To regulate your body’s metabolism and other bodily functions, your thyroid gland needs to produce two main hormones — T3 and T4.

And it needs iodine to do that.

There’s a type of brown seaweed that’s naturally rich in iodine, called bladderwrack (Fucus vesiculosus).

It gets its name from little air pockets (or “bladders”) along its stem that keep it afloat… and the shipwrecks (or “wracks”) it would cause when boats would get tangled up in it.

Bladderwrack contains some of the highest amounts of iodine among all the sea vegetables.

At first, that might seem like a problem… but it’s NOT.

Sure, the amount of iodine you need for PERFECT thyroid function is within an incredibly narrow range.

And it IS too easy for your levels to dip too low… or get bumped up too high… and BOTH those situations can shut down your thyroid.

So, if it’s iodine that you’re lacking, you probably need just a little bit more.

We’re talking micrograms.

That’s why bladderwrack is a GENIUS fix for low thyroid function.

The iodine it contains is in EXACTLY the form your thyroid needs to make T4 and T3.

Not only that, but bladderwrack comes with a little “insurance policy” to make sure you don’t get too much iodine with it

It upregulates the production of hormones that process iodine.

That means your body uses what it needs… and gets rid of the rest… FAST.

Before you start chowing down on platefuls of brown seaweed, check with your doc to be sure that your thyroid hormone levels are actually low.

If your thyroid function is, in fact, normal or even hyperactive, too much iodine can be bad news.

But if your thyroid is struggling to chug along… even if its function is considered subclinically low… bladderwrack can set it straight.

You can find bladderwrack seaweed at health food stores. Toasting it is known to improve the flavor.

Or, take bladderwrack supplements in capsule form.