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Jumpstart your failing heart with this Hindu ‘blood bark’

When you’re young, your heart is like a Timex watch.

It takes a licking… and keeps on ticking.

But as the stresses of life pile up over the years, your heart can really take a beating… and stop working properly.

It can even stop working altogether.

With congestive heart failure, it can feel like the wind has been knocked out of you… and your ticker can’t take even the slightest exertion.

Fortunately, there’s a way to get your heart pumping the way it’s supposed to – even in the WORST-CASE SCENARIO.

That is, when it’s failed you and SEEMS like it can NEVER come back.

Here’s an ancient Hindu way to REJUVENATE your cardiovascular health… and SAVE YOUR LIFE!

Protection, with the power of a warrior

The arjuna tree (Terminalia arjuna) shares a name with a famous Hindu hero… and for good reason.

In the Bhagavad Gita, Arjuna was known as a great warrior and protector of his family.

Arjuna bark can do the same for you AND your heart.

It’s been used in Ayurvedic medicine since India’s Bronze Age… more than 3,500 years ago.

And both traditional practitioners and modern-day researchers have found that this tree bark can turn your heart’s health by strengthening your heart muscle.

That, in turn, will promote healthy heart contractions.

And that will lead to healthy blood flow through your arteries and heart… improved ejection fraction… and lower blood pressure.

What that means for you is a heart that’s no longer FAILING to work.

Even in the most severe cases… when heart failure patients are on DEATH’S DOOR!

In a study out of India, bedridden subjects were able to get up and moving again after taking 500 mg of arjuna twice daily[SH2] … for just two weeks.

In another study, supplementing with arjuna made ALL symptoms of heart failure completely DISAPPEAR[SH3] .

But arjuna won’t JUST get your heart ticking again.

It’ll actually help you endure cardiovascular activity… for longer than you have in a long time.

And that leads us to the most important improvement of all…

A better quality of life!

What’s arjuna’s secret?

It’s PACKED with nutrients that are nothing less than HEROIC for your heart, including:

  • flavonoids: Ellagic acidand others (including arjunone) can reduce free radical damage in the heart muscle
  • polyphenols: Gallic acid can reduce the heart’s enlargement and bring your BP down.
  • cardenolides: A type of steroid, these are sometimes used as a natural alternative or adjunct to the heart failure drug digoxin
  • essentialmineralsMagnesium, zinc, and copperare all essential to reversing heart failure and keeping it from becoming DEADLY.

Plus, it’s incredibly safe… and WON’T dangerously interact with your prescription meds.

In fact, it may actually help them work BETTER.

The traditional preparation of arjuna is to boil the blood-red inner bark in milk… but you probably won’t have to do that.

Many of the studies have used simply a water- or alcohol-based extract of the red bark.

And many supplements today are formulated from powdered bark.

Find one from a quality maker online or at your local health food store.