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Kick arthritis pain to the curb with this crazy ‘hip trick’

If this winter weather has got you feeling like the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz

And if you can manage to move your joints at all, they’re painful and creaky

You might find yourself not getting around as much as you used to.

But becoming sedentary from limited mobility is the WORSE thing that can happen for your aging joints.

Because in order to HEAL from the wear and tear that comes with age, you’ve got to USE your joints.

Or you’ll lose ’em!

The trick is finding something that ERASES the pain… but doesn’t SAP your energy the way that some painkillers can.

For the answer, you need to look to a natural, healing fruit that looks like a berry… and tastes like citrus.

It can get you up and moving again, yet the mainstream DISMISSES it as a WASTE PRODUCT.

From trash to treasure

We’ve all admired the beautiful blooms of a rose bush…

But have you ever noticed the “hips” of a rose?

Well, they’re not the type of hips that you can I have – rosehips are fruits that appear on the stems of roses.

You can EAT them… but I guarantee you’ve never even SEEN them.

They get pruned from the stems before the florist ever sends your roses out.

They’re THROWN AWAY in the GARBAGE… despite the fact that they’re incredibly nutritious.

Native Americans foraged for them as food for thousands of years.

Eating rosehips even helped keep starving British soldiers alive during World War II… especially when there was a shortage of citrus fruits.

While they might not sound very appetizing to you as part of a gourmet meal…

These seedpods can help make the aches and pains of the “wear and tear” type of arthritisDISAPPEAR.

A 2008 meta-analysis found that study participants were twice as likely that a patient with osteoarthritis would respond to rosehip powder as to placebo.

And for those who did respond to the treatment, their pain scores were SIGNIFICANTLY reduced.

In fact, rosehip extract helped ERASE their pain so much, they could lower their dosages of OTC painkillers.

That’s because rosehips are rich in vitamin C and other nutrients that help them reduce inflammation and repair free radical damage– two hallmarks of the joint pain that comes with OA.

You can make a tea out of ground rosehip powder or whole, dried rosehips.

There’s a standardized rosehip extract that’s been patented to contain a high concentration of active compounds known as galactolipids.

It’s called GOPO Rosehip with Galactolipids, and it’s been available at U.S. health food stores since 2016.

Taking rosehip supplements can really pack a punch– but possibly TOO big of a punch.

Consult a doc who’s well-versed in herbal medicine before deciding on a dosage.