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Mainstream SUPPRESSES tropical cancer treatment… for 40 years!

When you get diagnosed with “the big C,” it’s hard not to take it personally.

You are the victim… and cancer is your attacker.

But you’re not helpless – even if you feel like you are.

You DON’T have to just sit back and let “the bad guys” rob you of your good health… your energy… your vitality… and even your life.

Don’t get me wrong – cancer cells are tough to kill. And they’ll definitely give chase.

But they’re not immortal.

There are weapons you can use against them… and one of the most promising ones has CURED cancer patients in the Caribbean.

Yet the mainstream has IGNORED it for 40 years.

The Caribbean secret to killing 12 cancers

We’ve known about the anti-cancer potential of the graviola tree (Annona muricata) since the 1970s.

But FOUR DECADES later, the mainstream is STILL dragging its feet.

Graviola has PROVEN to wipe out cancer in lab dishes and in animals.

That’s been enough for researchers to call for double-blind human clinical trials – the “gold standard” in testing cures on people.

Yet human studies STILL haven’t happened.


Among those in the Big Cancer industry with deep pockets, NO ONE will DARE to fund them.

But it’s not as though we don’t know how graviola can help real, living people recover from cancer.

Because cancer clinics on Caribbean islands like Trinidad and Jamaica have been giving it to their patients FOR YEARS.

The tropical fruit is known as “soursop,” and islanders love to eat it.

But it’s the leaves and stems that hold the power to fight cancer.

That’s where you can find the highest concentration of cancer-erasing plant compounds known as annonaceous acetogenins (AGEs).

The entire graviola plant contains over 100AGEs… which may explain how it earned the nickname “The Cancer Killer.”

They’re incredibly selective in their work – which means they don’t bother trying to destroy healthy cells.

No less than a dozen different types of cancers, including those of the:

  • breast, including multidrug-resistant tumors
  • prostate
  • colon
  • lung
  • skin

and more.

In a 2015 study on rat prostates, West African researchers found that graviola extract rendered cancer cells nearly EXTINCT… and after just three days.

And Indonesian researchers found that graviola leaf extract worked with the chemotherapy drug doxorubicin (a.k.a. Doxil) to suppress the development of supposedly “immortal” cells.

Studies have shown that graviola can kill cancer cells directly by inhibiting cellular metabolism… AND convince cancer cells to kill themselves (a.k.a. apoptosis).

Graviola also helps deploy an army of T cells, your body’s natural immune defense against cancer.

And among the cancer cells that don’t DIE right away, graviola keeps them from growing and spreading.

It’s a powerful antioxidant [SH20] , to boot.

The mainstream will try to spook you away from graviola, calling it dangerous and toxic.

But that’s just because when it comes to graviola, it is possible to get too much of a good thing.

Large quantities of graviola over a long period of time can cause movement disorders similar to Parkinson’s.

That just means you need to take a dosage that’s “just right.”

Look for a supplement that contains powdered extract of the leaves or stems of graviola… and work with a naturopathic doctor who’s well-versed in herbal medicine and alternative and complementary oncology.