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RESTORE your precious memories with this forgotten holy herb

We’ve all been there.

A word gets stuck on the tip of your tongue… a face looks familiar but you draw a blank on their name… or you find your keys in the freezer, after hours of searching.

Maybe you can’t remember the lyrics to your favorite song.

You might even forget what your favorite song IS.

When you were younger, you could laugh off memory lapses like these as “blonde moments”…

But once you hit a certain age, they become “senior moments.”

Your doc will shrug and say, “Well, you ARE getting older…”

He doesn’t have a clue how to lift the fog.

Fortunately, there’s a way to tell Father Time to get his grubby hands off your brain.

All you need to do is take a whiff of one of our oldest and most valuable sacred oils.

A precious oil, found in scripture

Spikenard (Nardostachys jatamansi) is one of the plants that modern medicine has completely forgotten about.

But a little bit of digging reveals the rich history of this flavorful herb – one that can be traced back before the birth of Christ himself.

In modern-day Christianity, Spikenard has come to symbolize Saint Joseph… and is included in the Pope’s coat of arms.

Our oldest sacred texts describe its use as an incense – as it blends well with frankincense and myrrh– all the way back in the time of Moses.

This aromatic herbwas even used as a sacred oil to anoint Jesus’s feet at the Last Supper.

But it’s no less precious to us today than it was during the time of Christ.

This forgotten herb can help you hold onto your precious memories well into your “golden years.”

A 2006 study on mice found that it REVERSED age-related memory loss… and all signs point to it being able to do the same for you.

It not only fights inflammation throughout your body, including your brain…

But it also contains compounds that ZERO IN on the memory centers in your gray matter.

Those compounds include sesquiterpenes such as nardosinone, which has been shown to help grow NEW brain cells and brain-cell connections.

Spikenard has also been shown to:

  • keep brain cells alive, rather than dying off prematurely
  • improve circulation, bringing more oxygen to the brain, and
  • regulate blood glucose, as too much sugar often leads to memory problems (earning Alzheimer’s the nickname “type 3 diabetes”).

And because spikenard is closely related to valerian, it’s also a potent calming agent… relieving stress and keeping anxiety at bay.

As demonstrated in a 2012 study on mice, that means spikenard can OFFSET mental impairments induced by stress.

It can also help you catch some much-needed Zzzzs– which is CRITICAL to memory retention and recall.

A 2010 study out of India found that spikenard IMPROVED cognition in mice whose memory loss resulted from sleep deprivation.

You’ll most likely find spikenard as an essential oil, made from the extract of its stems.

You can use it as aromatherapy by adding it to an oil burner or diffuser or even a hot bath… and take a deep breath.

It can penetrate your brain simply by inhaling through your nose!

You can also prepare spikenard tea or add a drop of high-quality essential oil to a glass of water to drink.