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Senior moments? Put the pedal to the metal with this BLACKLISTED ‘mental accelerator’

Are you ready to think faster… and recall names and faces more quickly?

Imagine having your friends and family members tell you how sharp and quick-witted you seem!

No more absent-mindedness… goodbye, brain burps… and farewell to those frustrating “senior moments.”

It could all turn around for you in just two days

There’s a derivative of a natural flower extract that’s been studied for decades for its ability to help seniors stay the sharpest knife in the drawer.

It’s been found to be incredibly safe… but the FDA has been doing everything in its power to keep it from helping seniors just like you.

Here’s why their claims are totally BOGUS… and why older Americans have been begging the agency to leave this memory-booster alone.

Flower power that comes from above

Vinpocetine is a potent anti-inflammatory compound that’s synthesized from the blue periwinkle flower, which grows in Southern Europe.

The French call it “violette des sorcièrs,” or “sorcerer’s violet.”

And by the way the FDA has been handling it, you’d think it were some manifestation of black magic.

The feds have been threatening to pull the ingredient from all supplements since 2016.\

But it’s not because Big Pharma has dibs on it to turn it into a prescription drug.

If the FDA revokes its approval of vinpocetine, there will be NO WAY you can get it… anywhere.

What this ingredient really is, however… is a miracle.

In the early 80s, scientists discovered that vinpocetine could be a mind- and memory-enhancing powerhouse.

A study in 1985 showed that vinpocetine in IV form increases blood flow to the brain by a staggering 25%.

It’s like pressing the gas pedal on your car – it makes it run faster and with more power.

And the effects take hold in just 30 minutes.

This surge in mental power makes remembering names and faces lightning fast. And senior moments seem to disappear overnight.

In a subsequent study, scientists in Germany proved that vinpocetine works just as well in capsule form.

In fact, they found that taking 40 mg a day of vinpocetine – for just TWO DAYS – improved short-term memory of words and numbers.

You’ll finally be able to find the word you’re looking for in a conversation, without hesitating even for a second.

And you’ll recall addresses and phone numbers in a snap!

There was a third study that really “sealed the deal” on how vinpocetine could help you stay sharp as a tack…

After 90 days, seniors saw huge improvements in every single test of memory and brain function the scientists could throw at them!

They went from regular 60- and 70-year-olds to lightning-fast “brainiacs” in just a few months…

And importantly, there were ZERO side effects for the entire duration of the study.

The FDA, however, STILL isn’t convinced.

Heck, I’d be a skeptic myself… if I didn’t have the science right here in front of me.

So why are the feds ignoring these same exact studies?

Your guess is as good as mine.

In the meantime, you may want to snap up as many memory support supplements containing vinpocetine as you can find… while you still can.

Just be sure they’re from a maker you trust.