Are you a PRISONER of your hemorrhoids? Break free with this Mayan healing hero

As we get older, it may seem like we can’t catch a break.

If it’s not one end bothering us… it’s the other.

And while there are more painful conditions that we struggle with, hemorrhoids aren’t just uncomfortable and embarrassing

They’re hell-bent on stealing your freedom.

Because if you can’t sit for any length of time, you can forget about taking any weekend car trips… getting on a plane… or even watching a movie.

But there’s something that can not only make the PAIN of hemorrhoids DISAPPEAR…

It can HEAL the hemorrhoids and wipe any memory of them… for good.

A wound healer for ancient civilizations

If you’re over the age of 50, you’ve got a 1 in 2 chance of having already developed hemorrhoids.

Your chances are worse if you’re on the heavier side… struggle with constipation and strain to go to the bathroom… or both.

They might be hiding inside where you can’t see them… or poking out of where the sun don’t shine.

Either way, you can feel these twisted, swollen, and inflamed veins.

They might even cause you to bleed “down there.”

Your doc will tell you to lose weight… and up your fiber intake… but you need relief NOW.

His other recommendation, surgery, isn’t the answer either…

What he won’t tell you about is the oily resin from the balsam tree of Peru (known as both Myroxylon balsamum and Myroxylon pereirae).

During the peak of the Maya civilization, both Aztecs and Incas tapped into the tree’s medicinal value – especially to heal wounds.

And it’s that same power that can work wonders on hemorrhoids (a.k.a. “piles”).

It can help you REGROW NEW CELLS and promotes vascular health.

It’s also an antibacterial, so it can keep you clean and infection-free down there while you heal.

Peru balsam oil can be used topically as part of a cream or salve. You might see it labeled as Balsamum peruvianum.

It works so well that it’s included in some natural OTC hemorrhoidal ointments and suppositories (for internal use).

Compare that to pharmaceutical OTC products that contain steroids, astringents, and numbing agents that only make the swelling go down and pain go away temporarily.

They don’t do a thing to actually heal what’s going on in your undercarriage.

There are caveats.

First, some people are allergic to Peru balsam, so you should conduct a skin patch test before you apply it to your most intimate and delicate of areas.

Second, you should only use it on a short-term basis, ideally no longer than a week. That’ll give you enough time to get your bowels moving better through your colon… and out… the way they’re supposed to.

Some alternatives to Peru balsam include vasoconstrictors like Butcher’s broom and a warm water soak called a “sitz bath.”

You can also improve your toilet hygiene by using a “Squatty Potty.” This plastic footstool positions your legs and feet in a more natural squatting position while you sit on the toilet, therefore reducing straining.