‘Royal’ mushroom from Brazil makes tumors VANISH

The minute you’re diagnosed with cancer, most doctors will tell you that you only have three choices.

I’m talking about scorching radiationsickening chemotherapy drips… or disfiguring surgery.

But people all over the world are BEATING CANCER every day… without WRECKING their health in the process.

In fact, there’s a “royal” mushroom from Brazil that’s a PROVEN TUMOR-SHRINKING miracle…

And mainstream medicine spent DECADES trying to keep it from you.

The 70-year secret… too big to suppress

In Brazil, the agaricus mushroom is known as “Cogumelo do Sol,” or “Mushroom of the Sun.”

The Japanese call it “Himematsutake,” or the “princess mushroom.”

And there’s good reason behind why they consider it among cancer-fighting royalty.

An American botanist named Charles Horton Peck first discovered it in Florida in 1893, noting that you could eat it and that it tasted a bit like almonds.

Its healing powers must’ve scared the budding pharmacologists of what was then a brand-new industry… because they tried to make us FORGET about it for nearly 70 years.

They didn’t count on it being rediscovered in Brazil, where it grows in the wild, in 1965.

That’s when the Brazilians took this medicinal mushroom… and ran with it.

Even the Japanese jumped on the bandwagon, now cultivating the mushroom in Brazil.

And yet here in the U.S., we still turn a blind eye to its powers.

The agaricus mushroom boosts your immunity when you need it most – when you’re fighting off cancer.

A 2007 meta-analysis found that it can stimulate your immune system AND shrink tumors, thanks to its high content of beta glucans, a type of polysaccharide that has been proven time and again to give cancer patients a fighting chance.

It deploys an army of all the cancer-killing immune cells that ALREADY exist in your OWN body.

Animal studies have also shown that agaricus can make tumors VANISH… and prolong life.

And in a 2011 in vitro study, agaricus killed liver cancer cells that were otherwise resistant to chemotherapy drugs.

Even better, Korean researchers have found that agaricus can help ease the side effects of chemotherapy in human cancer patients… and improve their quality of life.

That means better appetite, more strength, and more hair left on your head.

You can find the agaricus mushroom as an extract or in powder form here in the States, often labeled by its scientific name, Agaricus blazei.

It’s also included in some medicinal mushroom blends.

One formula I’m keeping an eye on is a collaboration between Norwegian and Japanese scientists, called AndoSan. It’s mostly Agaricus blazei but also includes two other mushrooms commonly used in traditional Japanese and Chinese medicine.

It’s not currently on U.S. shelves… because the FDA hasn’t yet agreed to label it as “Generally Recognized as Safe” (GRAS).

When – and if – it does, you’ll be able to find it in the supplement aisle alongside pure agaricus mushroom.