This ancient "conqueror's secret" makes you feel DECADES younger

There’s a crazy trick that the strongest men in history have used to beat back Father Time.

Ancient Sanskrit texts mentioned this trick as much as 3,000 years ago.

But I GUARANTEE you’ve never heard of it.

That’s because ancient cultures prized this “destroyer of weakness” so highly that they kept it as a closely guarded secret.

Its ability to return you to the young man you once were is just one of the reasons why Himalayan villagers consider it a divine nectar — a gift from the gods.

Legend has it that Alexander the Great took it… and added it to the rations of his top generals.

And one of the most feared men in history, Genghis Kahn, is believed to have used it during his conquest of Northern China.

You won’t read this in any history book. And anyone who’s known for sure has been sworn to secrecy.

But today, I’m letting you in on this secret to regaining the energy you lost DECADES ago.

An ancient conqueror of mountains

For ages, men have WASTED their time searching for the fountain of youth

When all they needed was to scrape a thick, tar-like substance that oozes out of cracks in certain parts of the mountains of India and Tibet.

It’s called shilajit (as it’s called in Sanskrit). And scientists believe that it was formed when ancient marine organisms got trapped between layers of rock in the high frigid peaks of the Himalayas… and were squeezed under tons of pressure.

The result is a mysterious goo that comes “bleeding” out of the crevices.

This “rock tar” is one of the most nutrient-dense substances on Earth, with high concentrations of antioxidants, fulvic acid, and important trace elements.

It’s got nearly every essential mineral on the planet… and in the exact form that your body needs to absorb it most easily.

But here in the States, the medical establishment will never breathe a word of it to you.

They might even laugh at you… or tell you you’re crazy… if you ask them about it.

Despite how solid the scientific evidence is, we’re still in the Dark Ages when it comes to embracing the powers of this stuff.

Studies have shown that shilajit can turn back the hands of time by:

  • restoring cellular energy and reducing fatigue,
  • reversing cell damage from oxidative stress, and
  • boosting levels of testosterone, the “manly” hormone that’s essential for building strength and maintaining vitality.

Even Russia has beaten us to the punch, widely using shilajit as medicine (though over there, they call it “mumie”).

Thankfully, you don’t have to rappel down a cliff to get it yourself. Stateside, it’s available legally as a supplement.

Look for a “pure resin” or “raw powder” version at your local health food store or online – ideally one from the Himalayas.

The darker the color, the better.

You can also get unadulterated shilajit tablets from Banyan Botanicals.