Massive government cover-up leaves you CHOKING FOR AIR

You try to eat as healthy… and you even filter your tap water.

You’re doing everything you can to avoid the poisons all around us.

But every time you breathe in, you’re getting a lot more than O2.

And all that gunk in the air doesn’t just stop at your nose… or even your lungs.

When it comes to air toxins, your body is like a lint trap after doing a full load of laundry.

It absorbs EVERYTHING!

Our government will NEVER tell you just how dangerous our air has become.

But there are some simple steps you can take to protect your home, your health… and your life.

Reverse pollution damage by over 75%

The weather forecasters on TV won’t say A THING about what the car exhaust from all those Christmas shoppers is doing to the air you breathe.

Not to mention all those yule logs burning and chestnuts roasting over an open fire.

On a clear day, you might not suspect a thing.

But if it’s outside, it’s also getting INTO YOUR HOME… every time you open the door.

There are a host of dangers you never hear about, all starting with the letters “PM” (which stands for “particulate matter”).

PM2.5 is just a fraction of the width of a strand of hair — small enough for you to inhale.

It can get straight into your bloodstream… and make its way into your brain, where it sets up shop and never leaves.

It can cause lung problems… hijack your immune system… and even lead to heart failure or premature death.

That’s the most common particle, but it’s not the ONLY – or SMALLEST — type of “dust” that you’re breathing in.

There’s also PM1.0, a “submicron” particle.

It’s so tiny that the feds think they don’t even have to monitor it

But its miniscule size allows it to embed deep into your cell structures, where it can SABOTAGE your cell function.

A new system called PurpleAir allows you to determine how bad your air is all on your own.

It detects PM1.0 and particles that are even half that size… and SMALLER.

And you can use it outside your home, too.

That way, you can create a TOXIN-FREE buffer zone on your porch… in your garage… or anywhere else on your property.

If you suspect that the local factory, your neighbor’s fire pit, or nearby factory is polluting YOUR air… now you can PROVE it.

And you can FORCE the government to enforce the air quality standards that have been set for our safety.

To see what the EPA is reporting on your air quality, visit But it’s worse than they say it is.

And no air filter in the world will protect you enough.

Offset the effects of PM2.5 by as much as 76% by taking a B vitamin complex.

In general, folic acid, B6, and B12 can cut the effect of pollution on heart rate by 150%… and boost both white blood and lymphocyte counts.