Big Pharma wants to give you CANCER… just to lower your blood pressure

What a crying shame.

Your blood pressure could be JUST A LITTLE BIT high… maybe not even REALLY high, but above the ridiculously low standards set by the mainstream.

You COULD get it under control by making some simple lifestyle changes or using natural remedies.

But your doc jumps the gun and puts you on a BP med… STAT.

And as it turns out, the drug that’s SUPPOSED to lower your blood pressure could ALSO give you cancer.

Here’s what you need to know about the latest drug recall… and how to maintain PERFECT blood pressure with NO risk at all!

Skyrockets in flight

The latest drug recall is like a sequel to a summertime horror blockbuster.

In July, I alerted you as to how the blood pressure drug valsartan was found to contain an “impurity” – and it was a doozy.

It was contaminated with a chemical used in rocket fuel and known to cause tumors.

And now, Teva Pharmaceuticals has ALSO recalled two different BP combo meds that contain valsartan.

Pharmacy shelves are being cleared of ALL lots of the drug combo of amlodipine and valsartan and the three-way combo of amlodipine, valsartan, and hydrochlorothiazide.

Clearly, no version of valsartan is safe.

And last month, the BP-lowering drugs irbesartan and losartan were also recalled.

Ditch ’em all!

It just goes to show how many meds with ridiculously high risks get greenlit in the first place… and pushed onto patients who become involuntary participants in Big Pharma’s grand experiment.

They’ve fat-tracked so many of these drugs with nothing more than a “Hail Mary.”

In the clinical trials, there’s rarely enough time allowed for any of the real risks to emerge.

So it should come as no surprise that instead of SAVING lives, their toxic concoctions could be KILLING innocent people.

Even when they’re NOT doused with rocket fuel, antihypertensive drugs are too dangerous to take for most people.

They can make your BP readings plummet to dangerously low levels, setting you up for a fall and the resulting bone breaks and even disability and loss of independence.

But causing cancer really takes the cake.

The craziest part of this is that Teva says that you shouldn’t quit taking your BP meds – because the risk of having high blood pressure is greater than the risk of cancer.

Thanks, but I’ll take my chances.

The drugs involved in the current recall are all angiotensin II receptor blockers, or the type of BP med known as an ARB. They lower your blood pressure by relaxing your arteries.

What your doc won’t tell you is that a number of herbs do the same exact thing.

Work with an integrative doc to get your blood pressure to a healthy level using such drug alternatives as L-arginine, resveratrol, hawthorn, niacin (a.k.a. vitamin B3), and magnesium.

If you’ve been taking one of the drugs recalled by Teva, you can call them with your questions at 888-838-2872.

To report an adverse event, call the FDA at 800-332-1088.