Big Pharma’s SICK plan to keep you HOOKED on drugs for life

I’ve been screaming about it for years to anyone who will listen…

Big Pharma has ZERO interest in EVER curing you!

When a disease is cured, the drug companies lose a customer – and you know they’ll NEVER allow that.

But what they’re doing now is truly SICKENING.

Prescription drugs are actually being engineered so that they’re IMPOSSIBLE to quit.

In fact, stopping the drugs could make your symptoms worse… and even KILL you.

It’s like a business plan from Hell – and I’m going to show you how to keep yourself safe.

A life sentence… or a death sentence?

Big Pharma’s twisted scheme involves something known as the “rebound effect.”

That’s when stopping a drug makes your symptoms return — and MUCH worse than before you ever filled that prescription.

If TAKING certain drugs is a LIFE sentence… NOT TAKING certain ones can become a DEATH sentence.

It’s like Big Pharma is blackmailing us into NEVER quitting our drugs.

Try skipping your PPI medication, and you’ll experience the revenge of acid reflux firsthand.

It’s not just your imagination. Your heartburn DID get worse.

When PPIs were originally approved, they were never meant to be taken for the rest of your life. The recommended duration for most of them is just a few weeks.

Yet countless patients end up on them INDEFINITELYbecause they’re IMPOSSIBLE to quit!

The same thing happens with drugs they’ll give you to ease anxiety or help you sleep, like benzos and hypnotics.

So much for “do no harm.”

In fact, just last month, the FDA released an alert about a drug for multiple sclerosis called fingolimod (a.k.a. Gilenya).

It’s worse than any relapse you’d ever experience on your own.

If you could walk before… you could find yourself bound to a wheelchair… or bedridden.

Before you take ANY drug for ANY condition, find out what the “withdrawal” symptoms are and whether there are any known rebound effects.

Don’t just rely on your doc to cough up the information on his own. A simple Google search will tell you what you need to know.

And make sure you’ve tried all the safe, non-toxic, and proven remedies FIRST.

If you’re already on one of these rebound drugs… and you’d like to stop taking it… you should be able to gradually wean yourself off with the help of a knowledgeable doc who’s not in Big Pharma’s pocket.