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Shocking! Blood pressure meds CAUSING lung cancer?!

If you’re on blood pressure drugs, your doctor probably gave you a simple choice… 

Take these drugs… or die.  

We’ve always been told that blood pressure meds are saving us from heart failure… aneurysms… or even strokes.  

But what if they’re not saving our lives at all? What if these “wonder pills” are actually KILLING us? 

A shocking new study PROVES that the most popular blood pressure drugs on the market can GIVE you deadly lung cancer 

You need to act fast to keep yourself safe… while you still can.  

A drug that can put you on death row 

A new study published in BMJ… one of the top medical journals in the world… has Big Pharma running for cover.  

You see, more than a third of Americans being treated for high blood pressure take ACE inhibitors 

And they’re MUCH more dangerous than we were ever told…  

It turns out that ACE inhibitors cause two cancer-causing substances to build up in your lungs: 

  1. bradykinin, which dilates blood vessels, causes coughing, and is known to be linked to the growth and spread of cancer cells, and  
  1. substance P (SP), which causes cancer cells to grow and multiple, and keeps them from dying.  

Overall, the increased risk for lung cancer among those who took ACE inhibitors was 14%. 

But those who took the drugs for a longer period of time saw an even greater risk of lung cancer. 

The real trouble seems to pop up around the five-year mark, and the risk peaked to 31% after 10 years. 

And that’s a BIG deal – because once your doctor gives you an ACE inhibitor, he ABSOLUTELY expects you to stay on it for the rest of your life.  

Those 10 years will go by in the blink of an eye.  

IF your blood pressure is truly high, don’t sacrifice your lungs – or your LIFE – in order to bring your numbers down. 

Big Pharma-backed researchers will try to get you to switch to angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs), claiming that they lower BP just as well but with fewer side effects.  

But the truth is, many people with high blood pressure don’t need to be on drugs at all.  

Supplements like magnesium, garlic, and L-citrulline have all been proven to keep high blood pressure in check.  

And you don’t have to worry that they’re slowly destroying your lungs.