[Discovered] NASA’s secret weapon DESTROYS diabetes

They put a man on the moon… they launched the Hubble telescope.  

Heck, they even invented those fancy foam mattresses! 

But NASA researchers may have just pulled off their greatest feat EVER.  

It looks like they’ve stumbled upon a CURE for diabetes.  

American space scientists have been experimenting with an amazing ancient food source… one that could help us get astronauts to Mars.  

But it turns out that NASA’s “secret weapon” for space survival can also SLASH your high blood sugar… and send your diabetes packing. 

Nutrition that’s out of this world 

If you watched the first moon landing on TV, you remember how Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became national heroes. 

And you probably think of “space food” as astronaut ice cream and beef jerky. 

But the latest innovation in our space force involves the use of a nutrition-packed food called spirulina. 

It’s a type of algae – and when you eat it, you get A LOT of bang for your buck.  

Just a small amount contains proportionately more protein than an equivalent serving of chicken or beef! 

That’s why NASA has been researching spirulina as a potential “superfood” for space survival since the 1980s. 

But spirulina is also turning out to be a BIG diabetes breakthrough.  

Several studies have shown this next-generation space food can lower all the blood glucose measurements that you care about… in both animals and people. 

That includes fasting, postprandial, and HbA1c levels. 

HbA1c, of course, is a critical marker for long-term blood sugar control. Anything that reduces it even just by a percentage point significantly improves the outcomes for a diabetic. 

Plus, spirulina increases insulin sensitivity. 

And that can REVERSE type 2 diabetes. 

It also eases two complications that diabetics often struggle with: It decreases your levels of “bad” cholesterol and lowers blood pressure.  

Meanwhile, it ALSO detoxifies and purifies your body… which, in turn, reduces inflammation, boosts immunity, and improves overall health.  

And, as HSI Advisory Panel member Dr. Mark Stengler has shared with us, toxins are the #1 overlooked culprit behind diabetes. 

Hypothetically, you COULD survive on spirulina and water alone… but I don’t think anybody could keep a diet like that up if they didn’t HAVE to.  

If your palate is adventurous, you can add organic spirulina powder to ramp up your juices and smoothies or sprinkle it as a seasoning.  

It tastes like the Creature from the Black Lagoon — so if that’s not your thing, you can take spirulina capsules as a supplement.