Celebrity cancer cure… BANNED by the feds!

Steve McQueen was a man’s man and a Hollywood legend.

And lots of us were heartbroken when he died in 1980 at the age of 50.

But there’s a MAJOR secret about McQueen that’s been kept from ALL of us for 38 years.

I’m talking about how he REALLY died.

We were always told that McQueen went to Mexico for an experimental cancer treatment and it didn’t work.


The truth is, the Bullitt star had already CURED his cancer.

So why were we lied to?

McQueen was part of an elite Hollywood set that had stumbled upon a major, cancer-killing breakthrough.

Mainstream medicine will do ANYTHING to keep it out of your hands… even if it means lying about what REALLY killed Steve McQueen.


What are they hiding?

The Indiana-born son of a stunt pilot, McQueen served his country as a U.S. Marine.

There’s no challenge he couldn’t face – including lung cancer.

He’d actually cured it with an extract from apricot seeds!

In the 1970s, Sloan-Kettering had found that the apricot pit extract – formulated into a drug known as laetrile – could SLOW cancer progression and STOP tumors from spreading.

It basically forms a type of cyanide in your system that’s toxic to cancer cells.

But in a massive cover-up, the research got suppressed… sending cancer patients out of the country to try to save their own lives.

McQueen was one of those patients.

The brutal treatments given to McQueen by his American doctors left him weak and on death’s door by the time he headed to Mexico for laetrile.

And the laetrile STILL worked!

McQueen did NOT die from cancer. He died from complications from a surgery (one his doctors advised against) to remove a massive, DEAD tumor.

A tumor killed by laetrile.

McQueen wasn’t the only celebrity to have “discovered” this cancer cure, either. In 1977, comedian Red Buttons supported the legalization of laetrile in California, testifying that the apricot seed extract had cured his beloved wife Alicia of throat cancer.

Buttons told the California state Assembly health committee, “People who are harassing people for using laetrile should be indicted for murder.”

Star of TV and film Fred MacMurray had to fly to Germany to get laetrile to treat his throat cancer, which he developed in 1977 after a lifetime of smoking pipes.

Not only did he RECOVER from throat cancer… but he lived to be 83 years old.

And like Red Buttons and Steve McQueen, he credited his recovery to laetrile.

The FDA does not currently approve laetrile for the treatment of cancer or anything else.

You can find “apricot seed” supplements or even products containing the active compound amygdalin, which is sometimes called vitamin B17.

But trying to treat yourself is not a great approach. The best bet for American patients is to visit clinics in Mexico and other parts of the world that offer laetrile.

You shouldn’t have to escape the clutches of our government and mainstream medicine to beat your cancer – but, right now, that’s the way it is.