DROWN superbugs in these oils… and make infections DISAPPEAR

So many people in high places constantly focus on THE WRONG THING.

Here we are in crisis mode, as more and more strains of bacteria are getting smarter and outwitting the antibiotics we’ve used (and overused to kill them).

And what does Big Pharma do?

Make the situation WORSE with new and stronger forms of antibiotics… that superbugs will ALSO learn to resist.

Why aren’t they paying attention to the natural extracts that help antibiotics work BETTER… and REVERSE antibiotic resistance in superbugs?

Essential oils may be the key to cleaning up the mess we’ve made… and maybe even saving your life.


Greater than the sum of its parts

Food packagers ALREADY protect lettuce, other veggies, and even salad dressing against bacterial contamination… with oregano oil!

And last year, a study found that oregano oil can also WIPE OUT E. coli in hospital catheters, the most common source of urinary tract infections.

Since E. coli has learned to outsmart most of the antibiotics we’ve used to kill off the infection, UTIs are notoriously difficult to treat with antibiotics.

But it’s not just oregano.

Basil oil and rosemary oil can kill off antibiotic-resistant bacteria like E. coli.

And, as a 2013 study found, these essential oils didn’t inhibit the growth of just one strain of E. coli.

They stopped ALL clinical strains of this superbug — more than 60 of them!

But there’s something else that essential oils of certain botanicals can do that’s even BETTER…

Strip bugs of their superpowers!

According to another 2013 study. , lavender oil, cinnamon bark oil, and peppermint oil made E. coli more susceptible to the antibiotic piperacillin.

And in a 2015 study, cinnamon bark oil helped piperacillin work better in two ways:

  1. It BREAKS through the biofilms that drugs can’t get past.
  2. It scrambles how the bacteria communicate.

Even better, you need LESS antibiotic to ERASE the superbug infection when you add essential oils!

Essential oils contain the most active — and essential – components of the plant. And they’re extracted in a special way to be as pure and concentrated as possible.

You can find oils of oregano, rosemary, cinnamon bark, lavender, and peppermint at your local health food store or online. Just make sure the label says “essential oil” and not just “extract.”