Disgusting! Big Pharma CAUGHT rigging drug shortages?!

It’s a billion-dollar SCAM that ought to land Big Pharma crooks right in PRISON.

Americans like you are paying hundreds… or even THOUSANDS… of dollars for simple prescriptions.

We’re being told that these expensive meds are in short supply – and it’s driving prices through the roof.

But what if that’s ONE BIG LIE?

There is now SMOKING-GUN PROOF that Big Pharma is orchestrating drug shortages to get rich… drain your bank account… and leave you sicker than ever.

It’s a pathetic conspiracy that’s leaving REAL people hurt – and it’s up to us to stop it.


Gaming the system

Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh and Harvard just took a close look at what happens to prices when certain drugs are in short supply.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – we’re all good capitalists here.

If a drug is scarce, you’d expect the price to go up. That’s just simple supply-and-demand economics.

But that’s NOT what’s happening here…. not at ALL.

You see, the greedy pigs at Big Pharma jumped the gun.

The researchers found that drug companies started slowly raising the cost of medications – by about 7.3% — up to 11 months before the shortages ever hit.


Let me rephrase that.

They DEFINITELY knew the shortages were coming because they were PLANNING the “shortages” to drive up prices.

Need proof?

A reporter from Forbes looked into the issue, and found that for most drug shortages “the actual reason for the supply shortfall is unknown.”

Unknown. As in, Big Pharma isn’t providing an explanation… and our government isn’t trying too hard to get one.

I’ve been suspicious of these drug shortages for a long, long time.

The FDA actually keeps a database of drugs that are in short supply – and some of them are for VERY common conditions like high blood pressure.

Are you KIDDING me?! Did Big Pharma REALLY not plan to make enough blood pressure meds? It’s one of the most common conditions in America!

This is a money-grubbing SCAM, plain and simple. And it must be STOPPED before more people get hurt.

Contact your members of Congress and DEMAND that they investigate these so-called drug shortages. It’s high time we held some of these Big Pharma crooks responsible.

And check out this FDA list of current drug shortages to see if you’re taking any of the medications.

If you are, you’re probably paying too much and you should talk to your doctor about alternatives.

Big Pharma can run its little scam – but that doesn’t mean we need to play along.