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Discovered! Gandhi’s blood pressure secret LOST for 55 years

It’s the blood pressure secret you were NEVER supposed to know about.

A powerful plant… harvested from the Indian forest… has been PROVEN to make high blood pressure sink like a stone.

For decades it was used all over the world… and even Mahatma Gandhi swore by it.

But 55 years ago, this blood pressure breakthrough was practically lost to time… driven underground by one of the most CORRUPT medical studies EVER published.

I’m about to reveal a SHAMEFUL chapter in modern medical history – but it just may hold the secret to getting you off your risky blood pressure drugs FOREVER!


The devil pepper miracle

Mahatma Gandhi may have been a pacifist – but not when it came to stress and high blood pressure.

He fought those tooth and nail.

After a long, stressful day, he’d brew himself a special tea made of rauwolfia serpentina – also known as the devil pepper.

I can practically GUARANTEE you’ve never heard of rauwolfia… and that’s EXACTLY what Big Pharma wants.

Rauwolfia is a type of plant that grows throughout India and other parts of Asia.

Especially in the 1940s and 1950s, rauwolfia extract was used all across India and the United States to lower high blood pressure.

And the results were AMAZING.

One study published in 1949 found that it was 85% effective in reducing systolic (the top number) blood pressure – and 81% effective in dropping diastolic (the bottom number) blood pressure.

Another study found that it worked 90% of the time for lowering high blood pressure.

A 90% success rate! I’ll put that up against ANYTHING Big Pharma has to offer!

A 1954 study published in the prestigious medical journal JAMA even claimed that rauwolfia had “no serious untoward side-effects.”

So what on Earth happened? How did rauwolfia practically DISAPPEAR from medicine?

Well, in the 1960s, a strange study emerged claiming that women who took rauwolfia had higher rates of breast cancer.

This was right around the time that blood pressure drugs were becoming big business. WHAT. A. COINCIDENCE.

The only problem? The study was a TOTAL CROCK!

The researchers LOADED the control group (the group that didn’t get rauwolfia) with VERY healthy people to make rauwolfia look bad.

The research was RIGGED FROM THE START!

Scientists later fixed the error, and found NO ASSOCIATION WHATSOEVER between rauwolfia and breast cancer.

By then, it was too late. Doctors had stopped using rauwolfia… it was driven underground… and patients like you were loaded up with risky blood pressure drugs instead.

But rauwolfia is still available… if you know where to look.

Pure Formulas sells a rauwolfia extract that you can buy for just a couple bucks a day.

Give this underground cure a shot… and you may be on your way to your best blood pressure numbers in years.