BUSTED! Mainstream RIGGING heart attack study

They just can’t help themselves…

Mainstream medicine has been LYING about natural cures for so long, they wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them in the backside.

Case in point? A new “study” is claiming that fish oil won’t help you prevent heart attacks.

The media ran WILD with the story. It was covered by CBS, U.S. News & World Report, and just about every other outlet you can imagine.

The only problem?

It’s a total CROCK.

There was a BIG secret about this study that you were NEVER supposed to know.

The “research” was rigged from the start… and it PROVES how far the medical establishment will go to keep life-saving natural supplements out of your hands.


Stacking the deck

The New England Journal of Medicine is supposed to be one of the most prestigious medical journals in the world.

So I’ll never understand how on Earth this fish oil study got published.

British researchers followed a group of diabetics for about 7.5 years. During that time, they claim that 8.9% of folks who took fish oil and 9.2% who took a placebo suffered a serious event like a heart attack or stroke.

So the fish oil didn’t make much difference, right? Well, that’s what they WANT you to believe.

But here’s the truth – THEY DIDN’T USE A PLACEBO AT ALL.

A placebo is supposed to be worthless… something that won’t provide any benefit, like a sugar pill.

But guess what researchers used for a “placebo” in this study?


That’s right – they gave participants the heart-healthiest cooking oil on the planet, called it a placebo, and compared it to fish oil.

That’s like testing vitamin C to see if it helps with colds… and using COUGH MEDICINE as the placebo!

All this research proved was that BOTH fish oil and olive oil are good for your heart.

So why would researchers create such a clearly biased study meant to make fish oil look bad?

Maybe it’s because the research was funded by Bayer – the same folks who have been pushing a worthless “aspirin a day” heart regimen on us for decades.

But this kind of nonsense happens all the time when natural cures are researched.

The fact is, fish oil helps keep your arteries soft, reduces dangerous clotting, and is essential for helping to prevent heart problems.

And olive oil is great for your heart, too – but I have a feeling these researchers already knew that.