Cover-up! How JFK BANNED the cure for cancer

John F. Kennedy’s presidency was filled with moments we’ll never forget.

We all remember where we were during his famous inaugural speech… or the Cuban Missile Crisis… or that terrible day in Dallas.

But there’s one moment of JFK’s presidency that’s been completely ERASED from history.

In a quiet ceremony on October 10, 1962… with a simple stroke of his pen… JFK actually BANNED the cure for cancer.

I’m talking about a safe, revolutionary treatment that was CURING terminal cases of cancer DECADES before chemotherapy or radiation.

It’s one of the darkest moments in medical history… and an absolute tragedy for the millions of loved ones we’ve lost to cancer since.

But there’s still ONE place in North America where this cancer breakthrough is available today… if you know where to look.

The cancer CURE that time forgot

We all have relatives and loved ones who’ve lost their battles with cancer… or whose lives were RUINED by chemotherapy, surgery, or radiation.

We’ve always been told that these horrifying treatments are the only ways to fight cancer.

But that’s a LIE… and mainstream medicine has known it was a lie for more than 100 years.

You may now have heard of Dr. William Coley before – but his story will sound AWFULLY familiar.

Coley was the top surgeon at Memorial Hospital in New York City, starting in the late 1800s.

That’s where he developed an incredibly effective treatment for cancer known as “Coley’s Toxins.”

You see, Coley figured out a secret that mainstream doctors are just learning today – our bodies WANT to fight cancer.

They just don’t know how.

Starting in the late 1800s, Coley began injecting people with cancer… hopeless patients that the mainstream had left for dead… with a unique collection of bacterial strains. It was called “Coley’s Toxins.”

The bacteria basically “jumpstart” your immune system, so it can attack and kill cancer.

Coley (and, later, his son) used Coley’s Toxins to reverse and CURE cancer in THOUSANDS of cases.

Coley’s Toxins were producing BETTER survival times for ovarian cancer, kidney cancer, and soft tissues carcinoma than modern medical treatments!

But that’s what made Coley and his work so dangerous…

When radiation came along in the 20th century, the medical device industry stood to make billions – and they needed Coley out of the way.

They attacked and tried to discredit Coley’s work. They even forced hospitals to stop using Coley’s Toxins.

And in 1962, Congress passed… and JFK signed… a disastrous bill known as the Kefauver Harris Amendment. It established new drug standards and basically made Coley’s Toxins and other time-tested cures ILLEGAL.

From that point on, our loved ones with cancer were forced to accept barbaric treatments like scorching radiationsickening chemotherapy… and life-wrecking surgery.

It’s an absolute OUTRAGE!

Of course, now Big Pharma realizes Coley was right, and they’re rushing to bring new immunotherapy drugs to market. They’re even calling Coley the “Father of Immunotherapy.”

What a CROCK! This is the same guy they tried to RUIN!

Fortunately, there’s some hope for cancer patients. You STILL can’t get Coley’s Toxins on American soil.

But there’s a cancer hospital in Mexico known as CHIPSA that is offering Coley’s Toxins today with AMAZING results.

If you or a loved one is facing a tough cancer diagnosis, you owe it to yourself to learn more about Coley’s Toxins. You can find out more at the CHIPSA website at