Whoops! Getting that yearly flu shot won’t prevent the flu

It’s one of the best-kept secrets in medicine — one your local health department, the CDC, and even your own doctor won’t be telling you!

As we head into the flu-shot season, you’ll be told again and again to go get that flu vaccine — just as you were told last year, the year before, and every year before that.

We’ll be hearing that, because the flu is a shape-shifter that comes in a different form each season, we all need the latest and greatest shot to protect ourselves.

But two years ago, some strong evidence emerged showing that the people who roll up their sleeves for the shot every year actually wind up being the least protected.

And now, a new study out on pregnant women and the flu vaccine has just confirmed those findings.

But don’t expect the feds at Flu Shot Central (a.k.a. the CDC) to spill the beans.

A sacred cow gets sent to the stockyards

It seems that health officials have studied their lines so well that even when clear information emerges and smacks them right in the face, they still can’t stop babbling about how “important” it is to get that annual flu jab.

Several years ago, researchers from the Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation discovered, to their absolute shock, that kids who had received a flu vaccine every year were much more likely to come down with the flu than those who had gotten the shot for the first time.

Plus that, the epidemiologist who released those findings, Dr. Edward Belongia, said that the vaccine was “significantly more effective” if, in fact, the person hadn’t received the flu shot at all in the five years prior.

Whoa! That’s practically a treasonous statement right there. The flu shot, and most especially the idea that getting it year after year is mandatory, is the CDC’s most sacred cow of all.

I wouldn’t be surprised if a team of men in black suits hustled Dr. Belongia off to a secret location at CDC headquarters for uttering such blasphemy!

But seriously, those findings present quite a perplexing challenge to health officials who spend the entire year waiting in the bushes to jump out and hit us over the head about getting a flu shot when fall arrives.

So… what did they do about this, uh, little problem?

Basically, they dropped it like a hot potato.

It would be “unethical,” reports said, to prevent people in the U.S. from getting an annual flu shot to study this further.

“Unethical”? Are you kidding me?

What’s unethical is the very way this shot is promoted every single year. And when it doesn’t work so well, we’re told that it’s really hard to come up with a good virus match — but still, get that flu shot!

Also, officials almost totally ignore the fact that there are more settlements out of the federal “vaccine court” for flu shot injuries than any other vaccine.

That includes a horrific side effect called Guillain-Barre Syndrome, where you immune system goes on an attack that can paralyze your entire body.

While that stunning research has pretty much been tucked away in the CDC’s bottom sock drawer, researchers from Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical School decided to do a study on expectant mothers and the flu shot.

And bingo! The results, published in the journal Vaccine, showed that the moms who had received a shot the previous year had weakened antibody responses after being given one the following year.

In other words, they discovered the precise same reaction.

Exactly why this lowered antibody response is happening is being called a mystery, a puzzle we aren’t going to even attempt to solve in the U.S.

Look — it’s been obvious for some time now that this shot is a very risky, ineffective way to try and dodge the flu. And that was true even before this research came to light.

The best defense in steering clear of the flu is to keep your immune system in tip-top shape.

And you can help do that by loading up on probiotics and zinc, taking a daily dose of vitamin D, and including foods in your diet such as coconut oil (which is high in lauric acid that is both anti-bacterial and anti-viral) and even raw honey, a treat that’s loaded with some amazing antioxidants.

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