Reducing your risk of stroke is as simple as eating these great foods!

The news about potassium and a woman’s health is so good that it sounds like it might have come straight from Chiquita Banana.

But it didn’t, or from the spinach or avocado growers, either.

It’s straight out of the otherwise-disastrous Women’s Health Imitative study launched back in 1991.

Now a new study is out based on data collected from that research. And it found that women who consume the most potassium from food were 12 percent less likely to suffer a stroke. They were also 16 percent less likely to have an ischemic stroke. (That’s when part of the brain’s blood supply is cut off.)

The numbers get even better for women who don’t have high blood pressure and consume lots of potassium. They cut their risk of stroke by 27 percent.

And eating potassium-rich foods seemed to help all the women’s health status, regardless of their blood pressure.

Now this is one instance where a supplement isn’t necessary, since high-potassium foods are really easy to come by.

Most people associate potassium with bananas, but they’re far from the only source. Think white beans and dark leafy greens, or dried apricots, salmon and yogurt.

In fact, avocados and even mushrooms are actually higher in potassium than bananas.

Since it’s so easy to get more potassium in your diet, the big surprise from this study is how many women aren’t getting enough. And are missing out on what could be a lifesaving benefit of some really great-tasting foods.

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