An amazing new discovery about another big benefit of fish oil

[New study] This natural supplement worked when drugs didn’t

If a drug got results this amazing, you’d see it featured on every morning talk show and every evening newscast.

But this discovery from researchers at UCLA didn’t make CBS or CNN.

Even though, for millions of Americans, what was found might just be a lifesaver.

We already know a lot about the health benefits of fish oil. It can lower your blood pressure and triglycerides as well as cut your risk of heart attack and strokes.

But scientists just made an astonishing new discovery. One about another benefit of the omega-3 fatty acids in fish-oil supplements.

And it’s yet another example of how natural substances can work miracles — way beyond any drug that Big Pharma has to offer.

A recently published study just gave a whole new meaning to the old saying that fish is “brain food.”

Because researchers at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA found that low-dose fish oil can reduce epileptic seizures by over 33 percent.

And that’s not all…

Several of the patients in this study were completely seizure-free during the entire 10 weeks of treatment with fish oil supplements.

Current drugs used to treat epilepsy work by blocking certain channels in nerve cells. That reduces their excitability — the repeated firing that causes the seizures.

And we know that omega-3 fatty acids can cross into the central nervous system — like epilepsy drugs do.

So when earlier studies — ones using high doses of fish oil — didn’t help, the UCLA researchers wanted to know why.

And they seem to have found the answer. Those studies were simply using “too much of a good thing.”

In this new research they divided the study participants into three groups — one that took a low-dose of fish oil, just 1080 mg a day. Another group took a higher dose of 2160 per day, and a third took just a placebo containing corn oil.

The people taking the higher dose had no reduction in their number of seizures. Those on the placebo had slightly fewer. But the big results came from the low-dose group, which had over a third fewer seizures during the study.

And some in that group stopped having seizures altogether!

“We don’t completely understand why (a) low dose works and higher doses do not,” said Dr. Christopher DeGiogio, who is a UCLA professor of neurology and lead author of the new study.

He also said that in animal studies they found the same thing with higher doses. But most people think if a little helps, “a lot should help much more,” said Dr. DeGiogio.

Now in Dr. DeGiogio’s study, he also included a group of people with a type of “drug resistant” epilepsy. For these people the usual drugs given for this condition no longer controlled their seizures.

And the fish oil supplements also worked for them!

Dr. DeGiogio was also interested in looking for a treatment that would help prevent another increased risk those with epilepsy face — that of heart disease.

And fish oil shines in that department, too — and not just for those who have epilepsy!

Even the mainstream American Heart Association recommends this supplement to lower your risk of heart disease. It’s also commonly given to those who have already had a heart attack.

So here we have an inexpensive, readily available supplement with no side effects that can stop epileptic seizures in their tracks and protect your heart as well. And not in some humongous amount, either, but an easy-to-take low dose.

I dare any drug company to come up with something better than that!


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