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Why exercise just doesn't feel as good on some days as it does on others.

Sometimes that walk or game of tennis gets your heart pumping so much you just want to keep going.

But other times you wonder why you even bothered leaving the house.

And then you start thinking about how out of shape you must be. Or even worse, that you’re getting too old for a fitness routine.

Well, stop right there. And NO, I don’t mean stop getting regular exercise…

It happens to all of us. And that’s even if you’re a professional athlete or an Olympic champion.

What was a wonderful walk or bike ride yesterday, could feel today like you’re trudging along with ankle weights on.

And there is an easy explanation for that…

You didn’t sleep well the night before, or skipped breakfast. Even your frame of mind comes into play. Are you walking while going over something stressful in your head?

Because any of those things can actually make you feel older and out of shape.

In fact, losing just an hour or two of sleep can make you feel droopy for up to 48 hours.

And lack of sleep has other side effects, too. One of the most common is craving sweets and carbs, and that can wreck your energy levels fast.

So next time that walk in the park feels like mile 13 of a marathon, plough through — and make sure you get a good night’s sleep.

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