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This new weight-loss drug is one you want to stay far away from

Diet danger: New drug causes thyroid cancer

Dear Reader,

It looks like Big Pharma is coming at us with a double-barreled shotgun.

This month, Novo Nordisk, the company that brought us the dangerous diabetes drug Victoza, has a date with the FDA. It’s all about a deadly new way to use Victoza.

And you’ll never believe it.


Run for cover


When I read about a “new” drug the FDA is getting ready to approve, I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes.

It will be called Saxenda — and it’s the same drug already sold under the name Victoza. But just making a risky med for diabetics wasn’t enough for this maverick drug maker.

Now it wants to play a deadly deception on innocent people who are desperate to lose weight.

So what does a horrible drug aimed at diabetics have to do with a diet pill?

A lot. As in a new way to make a whole lot more money.

In a nutshell, Novo wants to take its deadly diabetes Rx and repackage it as a weight-loss drug. Its diabolical plan is to find a way to lure those who don’t even have diabetes into taking it.

I first sent you a warning about Victoza even before the FDA approved it back in 2010 for diabetics. And just this June, the group Public Citizen sent another request to the FDA asking that it be banned immediately.

Public Citizen said that Victoza “puts patients at higher risk of thyroid cancer, pancreatitis (and) serious allergic reactions.”

Now Victoza’s weight loss “secret” might have something to do with its side effects. Things like nausea, vomiting and acute diarrhea. That doesn’t do much for someone’s appetite, now does it?

Long before Victoza was approved by the FDA for type 2, Novo was secretly scheming to make this deadly twin out of it. The drug company recruited guinea pigs from around the world to “study” how much weight people could lose on Victoza.

So it’s no wonder the FDA denied Public Citizen’s petition. They knew Victoza was coming to town with a new name. So they couldn’t exactly ban the first one now, could they?

But it gets even worse…

This “new” weight loss drug comes at double the dose! And, according to Public Citizen’s research, that could mean triple the risk of pancreatitis. Of course, that didn’t stop Novo or slow down the FDA.

And Novo, which is now focusing on obesity drugs, has more than just diabetes pills to sell. And wait till you hear about the next one.

The drug maker told The Wall Street Journal that there are so many more fat people than diabetics, the market for such meds is four times the size of that for type 2 drugs! There are close to 100 million people in the U.S. it said might be candidates for this new drug.

Novo, however, has its eye on more than just that 100 million. Its first target will be those south of the border — in Mexico.

And I’m sure Novo wouldn’t mind at all if docs in this country started prescribing it “off label” for weight loss right away.

Hopefully, this horribly dangerous drug will come with the same black box warning as Victoza does about deadly thyroid tumors. And then there’s that risk of fatal pancreatitis.

As was pointed out in a Novo-funded Victoza study, “The frequency of obesity has risen dramatically in recent years but only few safe and effective drugs are currently available.”

And this sure isn’t one of them.

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