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These recommendations are about the last thing someone with diabetes needs

The American Heart Association puts diabetics in the crosshairs

This could be the biggest scandal in American healthcare.

And if there ever was any doubt that this “non-profit” organization is nothing more than a shill for Big Pharma, this should shatter that illusion once and for all.

Because these new “guidelines” from the American Heart Association put the lives of millions of diabetics at risk.

And they can put your doctor between a rock and a hard place.

The AHA now says that everyone who has type 1 or 2 diabetes and is 40 or over should be taking a statin drug!

All we need are some pretty pictures and music and we’ve got a commercial for Pfizer to put on TV.

So now what will your doctor do? What can he do? After all, this is the “official” word of the great and powerful AHA. If he doesn’t give you an Rx for a statin drug he could be told that he’s not doing his job. He could even get in trouble.

But this is more than just a sales pitch, it’s absolute insanity. That’s because we KNOW — and research PROVES — that statin drugs can trigger diabetes. So you can just imagine what it will do for those who already have the disease!

And just a short time after the AHA released these insane guidelines, yet another study came out showing how statin use can result in a diabetes diagnosis.

It turns out that one in five new cases of diabetes can be caused by these drugs.

One in five!

So let’s see if I’m understanding this correctly. Study after study has shown that statin use is linked to developing diabetes. So the AHA issues official guidelines saying that just about everyone with diabetes needs to get on the drug — and right away!

Now doctors will be pressured to write even more and more statin prescriptions.

But there’s something else that makes this news so disturbing.

Regular exercise is known to be especially important for people with diabetes. It can help control blood sugar as well as cholesterol levels.

And one of the big side effects from taking statin drugs can be excruciating muscle pain and weakness. And that can stop any kind of exercise plan right in its tracks.

Some people have had such severe reactions that they can’t even a walk around the house. It’s just too painful and tiring.

Think how easy controlling your diabetes will be if you can’t even get out of a chair!

But the AHA has even bigger plans than just targeting those with diabetes. It looks like the group wants everyone to take statins, even those without diabetes or heart disease!

One of the AHA “experts” from the committee that came up with these deadly guidelines said that doctors have “been undertreating people who need statin therapy in this country.”

Undertreating — seriously! If the AHA has its way, anyone over 40 will be in the statin cross hairs.

And even kids aren’t immune from its statins-for-everyone plan. The group has recommended that those as young as 10 be started on the drug as well!

While we can’t stop these statin-pushing crazies at the AHA from issuing insane and dangerous guidelines, we can stop giving them our hard-earned dollars to do it with.

So if you or anyone you know is donating to the AHA, please choose another, more worthy, real charity to support.

Because the AHA already gets enough “donations” already from Pfizer, Merck and AstraZeneca.

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