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Fiddling with greetings while taking the focus off burning issues

Back in 1999 Tylenol had a web site that’s now kind of interesting.

Across the top was the slogan “Take comfort in our strength.” I guess the “strength” it referred to was the same strength that has now proven to be so dangerous to so many.

But the part I found most curious was called “Tylenol Care Cards.” These E-cards could be sent to friends and relatives for all sorts of occasions.

And there were a lot to choose from — 34 options in 12 categories of greetings — including, if you can believe this, sympathy cards.

Ron Schmid, who was the company’s vice president of communications at the time, said these cards are “part of the first wave of new offerings at

“We have invested significant time and resources toward making the site a state- of-the-art product catalog and consumer-education resource,” he said.

If only they had put the same “significant time and resources” into warning consumers about the hazards of overdosing on Tylenol. Maybe the real sympathy cards might not have been necessary.

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