Nobody is safe when health officials do their dirty work -- time to take stock

You better watch out; You may want to cry…

Let’s face it: Nobody is safe when health officials do their jobs. They can pretend they’re protecting us. But we know the truth. It’s the sacred cows they’re really protecting.

And this past year has been a doozy! Here’s a wrap up of the scariest things they’ve done in the name of protecting our health this year.

We’ll start with the despicable…

U.S. and British scientists revealed that health officials have actually been tracking our personal online discussions about vaccines. They call it a “social media monitoring system.”

It might be a few years beyond 1984 but Orwell called it.

This “monitoring” categorizes your comments as positive or negative. Your location is noted. Then they analyze your comments “according to their potential to disrupt vaccine uptake.” All this will be used to help governments brainstorm “tailored engagement strategies.”

That’s government health care for you. If they judge your opinions to be a threat to their vaccine programs, you get singled out and red-flagged in their computers. If they perceive that as a problem, who knows what “engagement strategy” they might have in store?

Twenty years ago, this would have been tinfoil hat paranoia. But now that we know the NSA is tracking every phone call and message, it’s not crazy talk anymore.

It’s Big Brother…21st century style. He’s real. He’s here. And he’s watching.

Five more to watch out for

Putting seniors at 4x the risk
Fluzone High-Dose is a special flu shot for seniors. It’s four times stronger than the regular flu shot. On a CDC website, officials admit they only know how the shot is supposed to work. Nobody knows if quadrupling the dose will create any benefit at all. They also don’t know if the Big Quad dose will also quadruple side effects. The CDC hints at greater side effects, but they play coy with the details.

What’s worse is that just by acknowledging the shot on their website, some will take that as a recommendation. But officials have actually stepped back and refused to recommend it. The unspoken message is clear: “You’re on your own with this one.”

A pathetic reversal
The FDA — charged with defending the health of Americans — decided to stop helping food companies kill us…11 years too late. Last month, the agency said that partially hydrogenated oils (the primary source of trans fat) should be removed from the list of foods “generally recognized as safe.” If an ingredient isn’t GRAS, it is not supposed to be in the food supply. Period.

And OUT of our food supply is exactly where trans fat should have been in 2002, when evidence clearly showed how dangerous it was. So the big winner of this so-called “ban” is the company that produces the soy seeds that will be used to make the junk soybean oil that will replace partially hydrogenated oils… Monsanto.

The trans fat era won’t be over for a couple of years — if then. So we still have to check labels for any mention of partially hydrogenated oils that create trans fats. So it’s time to start checking for soybean oil too. And avoid it like the plague.

Beware: The superpill
In the radical new statin guidelines, the only number that matters anymore is the bottom line. When the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology removed numerical targets for lowering cholesterol, it was really just an early Christmas present for their Big Pharma cronies. They took away the old idea of a cholesterol-lowering drug. Instead, statins will now be promoted as heart health drugs. Do you have high blood pressure? Type 2 diabetes? A family history of heart problems? Are you 45 or older? Do you have any ONE of those problems? Well then, you better take a heart drug!

Don’t be fooled for a second. They haven’t removed a target at all. They’ve just painted it on your back.

Watch out for PrOffit
We see attacks on alternative heath care in the press all the time. It’s always the same old baseless attacks. But this year, Paul Offit figured out how to make money in this scheme. He didn’t write an article, he wrote a book. He popped up on every TV talk show to juice up fears about supplements. And then he went one better (or rather, much much worse). He used his position of authority at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to discourage parents from giving multivitamins and other supplements to their ailing children.

Offit has deep ties to the drug industry, so it looks like he’s playing “doubts” about supplements for his own financial gain. I hope the parents of Philadelphia see through this ridiculous prOffit-driven vendetta against supplements.

From “filthy” to “just fine”
Factory farms are filthy. So they use radiation to kill bacteria and parasites. Filthy AND dangerous. Great combo! And now, the FDA has allowed farmers to increase radiation doses by 50 percent! This is great for farmers with football-field-size hen houses. They can worry less about annoying things like sanitation.

For consumers, it’s a two-part disaster. Part One: A radiation dose strong enough to wipe out pathogens can also wipe out vitamins, enzymes, and desirable bacteria. It’s like killing the food. Part Two: Slamming food with high levels of gamma rays creates dangerous molecules. Researchers originally called them radiotoxins. But the FDA didn’t want consumers to use THAT word. So they dreamed up “known radiolytic products.” These “products” include formaldehyde and benzene. Both are known carcinogens.

That’s my list of ways they put us at risk in 2013. I can’t even imagine what they have in store for us next year.

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