Almost by mistake, the FDA reveals the healing power of a well-placed supplement

Last week I told you how long term use of heartburn drugs can empty your tank of vitamin B12 and magnesium.

These are two key nutrients for cognition and heart health. So for both of them, you want the fuel gauge needle pointing close to FULL.

The research didn’t show if B12 supplements could overcome the deficit caused by the drugs. But magnesium is a different story.

Two years ago, the FDA warned that PPI heartburn drugs (like Nexium, Prilosec, and Prevacid) can deplete magnesium.

Here’s the kicker to the agency’s warning… “In approximately one-quarter of the cases reviewed, magnesium supplementation alone did not improve low serum magnesium levels and the PPI had to be discontinued.”

That sentence is worded to sound like a negative for magnesium supplements. But look again. It’s almost as if the FDA were trying to obscure an important message… In about three out of four cases, magnesium supplements boosted low magnesium levels.

So in the large majority of cases, supplements reversed the damage caused by the drugs!

Not too shabby.

Of course, the FDA doesn’t come right out and recommend magnesium supplements to either treat or prevent low magnesium levels. But in their passive-aggressive way, yeah, that’s exactly what they’re doing.

Paul Offit? Are you listening? Here’s clear proof of the healing power of supplements. Courtesy of the FDA.