The CDC is ignoring an obvious solution to the antibiotic resistance crisis

The CDC is stumped. (So what’s new?)

In that CDC report I told you about earlier this week, they tossed out a few tired old ideas about how to cope with the antibiotic resistance crisis.

As usual, they’re walking around blindfolded, wondering who turned out the lights.

You see, they’re completely focused on fighting bacteria with drugs. That means they have to pretend that no effective non-drug antibiotic exists.

But not only does it exist, it’s also 100% effective. It even kills the superbugs that antibiotic resistance created.

This medical marvel is intravenous vitamin C (IVC) — also known as intravenous ascorbic acid (IAA).

Here’s Dr. Spreen’s take on it…

“It’s been shown (decades ago) that there are no bacteria or viruses that can stand up to a high dose IVC. It kills ALL invading bacteria if the dose is high enough. That dose can be reached by any competent practitioner.”

Of course, for most of us, IVC isn’t as practical as taking a round of pills. But that’s not necessarily the case for hospitalized patients. And hospitals are the front line of the worst superbugs.

Unfortunately, the hospitals are practically the conductors on the drug trains, so it’s not like they make it easy to choose alternatives.

But it not being easy and being impossible are two different things. You might ruffle some feathers, but your life could literally be on the line. And, let’s be honest, we’re not so shy about ruffling feathers.

So if you’re scheduled for a procedure that requires antibiotics — or end up with a superbug after a procedure — discuss using IVC with your doctor. You can get things started with a checklist for getting IVC in the hospital at DoctorYourself.Com. The list guides you through the whole process.

And if your doc scoffs at the idea, fire him and find someone willing to listen. On our website, you can search to find doctors in your area who are IVC savvy. Just use this link for our “Find a Doc” feature.

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