Google's new "health" business might be tapping in to your personal online health profile

Don’t look now but you’re getting Googled

You probably heard the buzz last week. Google launched a new company called Calico that focuses on health issues.

If you want to believe the hype, Calico’s “health” mission is to extend the human lifespan. But a closer look reveals a bunch of powerful hipster programmers focused on pushing the limit of the Google empire as far as it will go.

And they’re doing all this with YOUR health information.

Be good or be gone

“Calico” is an abbreviation for California Life Company. But their reach goes way beyond California. And it sure looks like they’re planning to exploit our personal health issues for their global marketing schemes.

The CEO of the new company is one of Google’s founding investors. He’s also chairman of a little company called Apple, AND he’s the chairman of a drug company. And there you go!

So it’s obvious that Calico, with one foot in Big Pharma, will put to use the vast resources of Google.

And “vast” barely begins to describe it.

Google tracks your activity EVERY time you use a Google service. That activity is recorded to create your online profile.

That’s right. Somewhere there’s a Google database that knows ALL about you.

It knows where you live. It knows every search term you’ve ever used on Google. It knows what you’ve clicked on, what websites you’ve visited, and what you’ve saved.

If you’ve ever used YouTube, it knows everything you’ve looked at there. Same for Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Finance, Gmail, Chrome — the list goes on and on.

Good chance Google knows things about you that even your closest friends and family don’t know!

And then, Google puts all that to use by modifying your future search results. So they “helpfully” steer you what they think you want.

Or…maybe they LEAD you to what THEY DECIDE you NEED.

So if you type “natural cure for diabetes,” don’t be surprised if you only see warnings, dangers, and drug options.

Google’s motto is, “Don’t be evil.” But spying on our medical concerns for marketing and propaganda doesn’t sound so “not evil” to me.

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