Cases of mumps are on the rise. So who's to blame? Anti-vaxers...or maybe a lousy vaccine?

You’ve probably heard that mumps are on the rise in some areas of the U.S.

And when the TV pundits start blathering on about this health crisis, they’re sure to point to the anti-vaxers. But you can be sure they won’t mention this little detail…

Two virologists have filed a lawsuit against Merck, their former employer. In their suit, they say the mumps vaccine “does not provide adequate immunization.”

They also say they witnessed data tampering. They claim Merck was trying to pump up the vaccine’s reputation to monopolize the market.

Three years later, the litigation is still dragging through the courts.

And cases of mumps are on the rise.

So who’s to blame? Anti-vaxers…or maybe a lousy vaccine?

“Class Says Merck Lied About Mumps Vaccine” Reuben Kramer, Courthouse News, 6/17/12,

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