One man's mission -- in memory of his wife -- to defeat cancer with a revolutionary therapy

Paul Sanderson was on a mission — and he still is.

After learning his wife, Briggs, was struck with cancer, he fought tirelessly to get her access to an experimental cancer treatment.

Tragically, just a few days after finally getting her the treatment, he lost Briggs to medical errors.

Paul was devastated. But not defeated.

During her sickness, Briggs and Paul formed a mission. They were determined to overturn the mainstream’s dogma on failed therapies, like chemo, and promote this unique treatment.

They wanted the world to know that there is a bona fide cancer cure that could and should be available to everyone.

The treatment is “immunotherapy.”

As early as the 1890s, Dr. William Coley of New York used immunotherapy. He cured hundreds of patients considered hopeless.

More recently, researchers have had remarkable success with immunotherapy. They’ve cured many solid-tumor cancers. These include breast, lung, ovarian, and others.

Paul and Briggs saw this as the beginning of a new era where we would see cancer as a curable disease. Not a life sentence of chemo and radiation.

Paul continues the fight…to insist the medical establishment move past its addiction to chemo, consider ALL options when treating cancer, and to make treatments that work accessible to everyone.

Recently, Paul asked me to share his petition. In memory of Briggs, the petition implores cancer organizations to devote research to immunotherapy and to open up access — and minds.

In his efforts to get support for the petition, Paul points out that a number of well-known celebrities have signed it. Personally, I’m signing it as someone who’s watched too many people she’s cared about suffer through chemo without hearing about other options that were safer and more effective.

Please join me in signing Paul’s petition. You can find it at this link.

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