This is a perfect example of how irrational it is to leave alternative medicine out of the loop

Reckless to the extreme

If you want to keep mice out of your house, would you buy dozens of poisonous snakes and give them free rein?

Of course not. It would be crazy to put yourself at that level of risk just to deal with a pesky problem.

Unfortunately, too many urologists go straight for the rattlers and ignore the much safer, smarter route.

Snakes in the house

Many middle-aged men are diagnosed with BPH (enlarged prostate) before any symptoms ever begin. And that’s the perfect time to hold symptoms off with a preventive measure.

Saw palmetto is an obvious choice. Men have used it for centuries to reduce BPH symptoms such as frequent urination and reduced urine flow.

But why put your foot in the pool when you could dive in head on? Like all those docs who are recommending prescription drugs as the very first line of defense.

In a recent trial, researchers studied two groups of men. In one group, the men had mild BPH symptoms. In the other group, men had no symptoms. Half the men took placebo. Half took Avodart, a BPH medication. Over four years, BPH advanced slightly less in the Avodart group, compared to placebo.

Too bad the researchers didn’t put saw palmetto in the mix. THEN we would have a contest.

And I expect we’d have much different side effect outcomes.

All of the “common” Avodart side effects showed up. They’re not for the faint of heart… Erectile dysfunction, reduced sex drive, and enlarged breasts.

Yeah…that’ll make you feel like a man…

But it gets worse. According to the Avodart website, the first two items on that list may continue even after you stop taking the drug. And that should be enough to make any man think twice. But research has also linked Avodart to increased risk of heart failure and advanced prostate cancer.

Using a drug like this for a minor health issue — especially without symptoms! — is beyond absurd.

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