If you feel like a snack, and you choose the right one, you might significantly lower risk of type 2 diabetes

When I was a little girl, my dad always had a big bowl of fresh nuts in the house. I loved to crack them — especially the huge walnuts — but I didn’t eat them. When he wasn’t looking, I would crack a bunch and just throw all the nut meat away.

That’s a shame because according to new evidence from Harvard, my kitchen trash was filled with a possible type 2 diabetes preventive.

That’s right. They found if you eat walnuts once a week, you’ll reduce type 2 risk by nearly 15 percent.

But wait. It gets better.

If you eat them just twice a week, your risk will be reduced by nearly 25 percent!

That’s not too shabby for a simple snack. (And one that’s fun to crack!)

So, what’s the magic that makes walnuts such an effective type 2 preventive?

It’s not magic at all. It’s omega-3 fatty acids.

As I’ve mentioned before, omega-3s activate key cell receptors that help your cells manage insulin. And that reduces risk of insulin resistance.

It’s the simple, whole food “magic” that helps keep the type 2 wolf from your door.

“Walnut consumption may reduce diabetes risk” Institute of Food Technologies, 4/3/13, Ift.org

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