A new Gardasil study is obviously designed to produce desired results

Suddenly, it’s clear that mainstream medicine and the mainstream media have gone “all in” with Gardasil.

In this case, “all in” means acting as submissive shills for Merck’s campaign to give the vaccine to every young girl and boy in America.

It’s revolting. Seriously. It’s embarrassing.

What’s most disturbing is that busy parents are unlikely to get a good look at the details of a new Gardasil study. If any of them do, this “research” will end up where it belongs… In the kitchen trash can.

Looking for love in all the wrong places

A couple of weeks ago, a new study showed that Gardasil was safe. Or that’s what the media obediently reported. In fact, it was a poorly designed study. In no way did it demonstrate that Gardasil is risk-free.

Now we get this new study. And I honestly can’t tell you which one is worse.

Some background…

One of the fears with Gardasil is that young girls won’t understand the vaccine. Earlier this year a study showed that one in four girls believes the shot will protect them from STDs.

I’ve told you before about my sister who overheard a teen girl say, “My mom got me that safe sex vaccine.” And exactly what “safe sex” means to a 16-year-old is anybody’s guess. They might even believe it’s some kind of birth control.

So… Researchers collected medical records for nearly 1,400 girls. About 490 received Gardasil. The others did not. In the girls’ files, researchers looked for signs of sexual activity. These included pregnancy, contraceptive counseling, and STD testing or diagnosis.

Results showed that minimal sexual activity was nearly equal between the two groups. That leads to only one conclusion. And Merck execs got the headlines they were hoping for…

“HPV vaccine not tied to increased promiscuity for girls” — USA Today

“HPV vaccine doesn’t spur teen sex, study finds” — NBC News

Okay. Here’s the kicker…

All the girls were either 11 or 12 at the start of the study. Researchers tracked their records for three years. So the OLDEST girl in the study was only 15.

See how it works? It’s all about the study design.

If researchers REALLY wanted to track sexual activity, they would have followed older girls. It’s that simple. VERY few 11-year-old girls are having sex. But at age 19 and 20? Come on! There’s no comparison!

The lead author of the study told the Associated Press that the results are “comforting and reassuring.”

No! They’re not! Not at all! Sure, it’s comforting to know that very few 6th grade girls are having sex. But there’s no REASSURANCE that older, sexually active girls understand what the vaccine does.

But none of that matters now. The headlines are out there. The perceptions are formed. Doctors will continue to push the vaccine and concerned parents will have one less reason to say, “No!”

So now it’s up to you and me. To paraphrase the old slogan: “Friends don’t let friends get their daughters (or sons!) the Gardasil vaccine.”

“Sexual Activity-Related Outcomes After Human Papillomavirus Vaccination of 11- to 12-Year-Olds” Pediatrics, Published online ahead of print, 10/15/12, pediatrics.aappublications.org

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