A dire warning is confirmed: This very popular drug is dangerous after a heart attack

Last year I sent you a warning about non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

New evidence dramatically ups the urgency on that warning.

The 2011 study was massive. It included more than 83,000 heart attack patients. The results were alarming. NSAID use was linked to a sharp increase in death risk. And this risk developed within just one week of beginning NSAIDs.

The new study is just as grim.

This one included 100,000 heart attack patients. Those who used NSAIDs were much more likely to have another heart attack within five years.

And the death toll is shocking.

About 12% of patients who didn’t use NSAIDs died within five years. Among NSAIDs users, 20% died.

When people think of NSAIDs, they usually think of ibuprofen or COX-2 inhibitors. But remember, aspirin is also an NSAID.

Unfortunately, this “therapy” is very common among heart attack survivors.

“After heart attacks, pain drugs’ risks seem to last” Amy Norton, Reuters Health, 9/21/12, reuters.com

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