The New York City soda ban is actually a ban on large cups -- completely pointless

You’ve probably heard that Mayor Bloomberg’s ban on large sodas was OK’d by New York City health officials. The ban will go into effect next spring.

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s not really a soda ban. It’s actually just a ban on large cups. There will still be an ocean of soda available in New York. And New Yorkers will drink all of it.

So this “healthy” ban will guarantee two things…

1) It will annoy soda drinkers and soda vendors.

2) It will not curb NYC obesity by even one millimeter.

And finally, here’s the detail that makes it completely moot…

All 7-Eleven stores in the city will still be able to sell Big Gulps. That’s right — 64 ounces — perfectly legal. You can drink it right in front of NYPD officers, health officials…even Mayor Bloomberg himself.

This has got to be the most pointless “ban” in U.S. history.

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