Here's one doctor's heartbreaking experience with Gardasil

Time and again, Dr. Spreen has warned us about one of the biggest drawbacks with vaccines.

It takes many years for a new vaccine’s safety profile to emerge. So anyone who submits to a new vaccine is taking part in a safety study. And you could easily come out on the losing end.

Dr. Scott Ratner would probably agree.

Dr. Ratner is featured in the CBS News article about Gardasil. In 2008 — two years after FDA approval — Dr. Ratner’s daughter received the vaccine.

At the time, she was a varsity lacrosse player at Choate. After her vaccine, she became very ill with a painful and chronic autoimmune disorder.

Dr. Ratner… “I’ve had to ask myself why I let my eldest of three daughters get an unproven vaccine against a few strains of a nonlethal virus that can be dealt with in more effective ways.”

Heartbreaking. His wisdom is hard-won. But in just a few words, Dr. Ratner perfectly sums up the case against Gardasil.

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