What do you say when a pharmacist calls? How about a little privacy?

I couldn’t believe my ears.

Recently, I told you how pharmacies are working overtime to make sure customers keep prescriptions filled.

Well, just a few days ago I had a chance to hear this practice in action, first hand.

My husband and I were in the car. He has his Bluetooth connected through the radio, so when a call came in I could hear everything.

Guess who was calling.


A CVS “pharmacist” was checking in to let my husband know that he was overdue to refill a medication.

They spoke briefly. When they hung up, my husband said, “That was nice of him to call.”

No! There was nothing “nice” about it! I explained that he’d just talked to a telemarketer, not a pharmacist. He thought I was exaggerating. I’m quite certain I wasn’t.

And besides, the caller should have made absolutely sure they were speaking privately before he discussed prescription information.

Pseudo pharmacists! No respect for boundaries.

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