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You won't believe how the FDA is using your tax dollars now

As long as we’re fuming about wasted tax dollars, let’s check in with some “leadership” news from the FDA.

The Wall St. Journal reports that FDA officials have paid a consulting firm more than $17 million over the past two years. Another similar firm has current contracts for nearly $8 million.

Apparently most of these millions have been spent to help officials in the Office of Generic Drugs make tough leadership decisions.


The OGD has a huge backlog–the waiting time for a new generic drug application is about two years. And the OGD staff seems to be the problem. They’re apparently not up to the task of making routine decisions without the guidance of highly-paid consultants.

Make that REALLY highly-paid consultants.

Of course, impressive results might justify the expense. But three different OGD employees told the Journal that the seminars didn’t help solve any specific problems with the division’s chronic backlog.

Keep in mind, this is the agency that can’t sufficiently monitor drug production plants or provide thorough inspections of food imports. Why? Because (we’re told) the agency’s annual budget is always “stretched too thin.”

As usual with the FDA, logical thinking is what’s stretched too thin.

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