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Three reasons why a thermogram is much better than a mammogram

Earlier this week I told you about a new American College of Radiology campaign called Mammography Saves Lives.

That’s like mounting a campaign called Turn Off Your Kitchen Faucet to Prevent Floods.

Research estimates that tens of thousands of mammograms are required before a single life is saved. Meanwhile, all those mammograms prompt many unnecessary biopsies, surgeries, and harsh chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Even so, ACR officials want every woman over the age of 40 to get a yearly mammogram.

They’re not talking about screening in general, of course — just mammography.

They don’t particularly want you to get a thermogram, for instance, because ACR is a professional advocacy group for radiologists. And radiologists don’t make money when you get a thermogram.

So you’ll never hear ACR mention these three reasons to consider thermography:

1) Earlier detection of breast cancer
2) No radiation exposure
3) No painful breast compression

Hmmm….sounds like a much better screening option on all counts. You can use this link to find out more about thermography.

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