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WHO officials say H1N1 "pandemic" will be around for years

How long will the H1N1 flu pandemic be with us?

That depends on your definition of “pandemic.”

Reuters Health reports that it might take “years” for WHO officials to downgrade the H1N1 pandemic to a seasonal-like virus.

Actually, they could downgrade the pandemic today. Easy as pie. All they’d have to do is restore their earlier definition of “pandemic.”

Last week, in “Maximum Protection” (10/12/09), I told you how WHO officials altered the definition of “pandemic.” They simply removed the criteria that “enormous numbers of deaths and illness” must occur.

Presto! Instant pandemic! And let the fear mongering begin!

So you’ve got to wonder: Why don’t Reuters Health editors know about it?

Well…they don’t APPEAR to know about it.

Meanwhile, Reuters notes that flu infections in the southern hemisphere have dropped off with the end of the winter season. Chile. Argentina. New Zealand. South Africa. Australia. What’s missing in all these countries? Enormous numbers of deaths and illness.

One thing is certain: A small handful of drug companies are going to sell many millions of H1N1 vaccine units over the next few months. No economic slowdown for them.

If you missed the “Maximum Protection” e-Alert, it’s worth a look. Dr. Tom Jefferson, an expert in vaccines and influenza, explains the most effective way to protect yourself against any flu – H1N1 included.

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