Cut calories to improve memory

Here’s a health tip that’s easy to remember: Consume fewer calories – especially from highly processed, less nutritious foods. Your weight will be easier to manage and you’ll reduce diabetes risk.

In fact, if you follow that tip, a LOT of things might be easier to remember.

In a recent study, retirement-age subjects were divided into three groups. One group followed a diet that emphasized unsaturated fats. A second group followed a diet that restricted calorie intake by 30 percent. The third group continued their normal diets.

After three months, all subjects took a memory test. The calorie-restricted group scored an average of 20 percent higher than the other groups. The low-calorie group also reduced levels of insulin and C-reactive protein.

According to the Alternative Health Journal, scientists are currently working to produce a drug that will mimic the effects of calorie reduction.

Yes. I’m sure nothing could possibly go wrong with THAT plan.

“Need a Memory Boost? Try This Secret Tactic, and Lose Weight at the Same Time!” Rob Huntley, Alternative Health Journal, 10/8/09,