EDTA chelation

An HSI member named Rhonda sent an e-mail with this question: “What do you suggest for plaque on the arteries? Any supplements to clean them?”

When I asked HSI Panelist Allan Spreen, M.D., about this, he said that, in his opinion, there’s only one way to really attack this situation: with EDTA chelation.

“This is a technique for leaching calcium and other minerals from the arterial walls and removing them from the body via the kidneys. It’s an effective technique, though the strongest form takes around 30 intravenous sessions to really get a handle on serious disease, and must be administered slowly (over three hours each treatment to protect the kidneys from all the ‘junk’ being removed).

“EDTA is a ‘chelating’ agent (it stands for Ethylene Diamine Tetra-Acetate), and can also be given orally. I didn’t used to think the latter route of administration was all that useful, but have come to change my mind.

“Unfortunately, the conventional medical profession doesn’t care for the technique, though I have to say the reason is more an economic reason than a scientific one. More on the scientific side (and finding chelation practitioners) is available at acam.org.

“As minerals (including good ones) are lost from the body using this technique, they are replaced orally with supplements. Strong
multi-vitamins are also given. I always add high-dose vitamin C to the mix, also, along with alpha lipoic acid to protect against free radical formation.”