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Red pigments from beets, called betalains, help combat cancer

Could this special red powder keep your doc from going OVERBOARD on chemo?

The way most cancer docs PUMP chemo drugs into their patients… even when they don’t appear to be working…

It’s no wonder that some folks with the disease REFUSE  conventional treatments!

But what if there were a way to beat back cancer naturally… and TURBOCHARGE chemotherapy so it works better at lower doses?

Fortunately, there’s something you can do right in your own home to keep two major cancer culprits — oxidative stress and inflammation — at bay.

And it can also CURB your doses of chemo!

Here’s the kitchen secret that every cancer patient should know about.

In the pink

Betalains are red, yellow, and orange pigments first extracted from the common beet (Beta vulgaris).

That’s where they get their name from…

And they’re what makes your pee appear pinkish after eating a lot of beets!

With strong antioxidant action, betalains not only support natural detoxification of your body!

They scavenge potentially cancer-causing free radicals.

And that’s just one of the ways that betalains help beat back DNA damage .

That’s not all…

In a 2017 study out of Italy , betalains also demonstrated anti-inflammatory action in colon cancer cells.

That same study also showed that betalains helped BOOST the activity of a cancer cell-killing agent, also found in beets.

In a 2013 study  out of Howard University, betalains helped the cancer drug doxorubicin work better in pancreatic, colon, and breast cancer cells.

That meant the researchers could use LOWER drug doses to kill the cancer cells…

And less chemo can help protect your HEALTHY cells from also becoming casualties of your cancer treatment.

Betalains can also SLASH your risk of developing breast cancer …

And if you’re battling cancer, you’ll especially appreciate how betalains can CALM your mind… and support a healthy mood.

Even better, there’s ZERO toxicity  associated with betalains – which is why these pigments are so widely used as natural food dyes.

Unfortunately, regular doses of the commercial dye form (a.k.a. E162, or betanin) could be USELESS  in your fight against cancer!

You can try eating fresh, organic beets (and their leaves, known as swiss chard or rainbow chard), which are in season from about now to late fall.

Betalains are most concentrated in the plant’s root – that is, the beet (or beetroot) itself, both its peel and flesh.

But cooking them under high heat DRAINS them of their nutritional value… so steam them or cook them just enough to soften them.

Unfortunately, most of the beet juices you’ll find are squeezed from GMO beets… and PACKED with sugars.

Instead, try getting a high concentration of betalains in red beetroot powder, available in the supplement aisle of your local health food store or online.

To BEET-ing the heck out of cancer,

Melissa Young