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Astragalus root relieves seasonal allergies

Ancient allergy blocker could help you feel up to 70% better

Scientists call it “seasonal allergic rhinitis”…

But you may know it better as hay fever — or just “allergies.”

All you know is that your nose is red, runny, and itchy

And you’re sneezing and MISERABLE.

If you’re like many, you SUFFER during the spring bloom.

Antihistamines can seem like your only option…

But those meds can make you drowsy and loopy  in the short term… and they can STEAL your precious memories  in the long run.

Fortunately, there’s a way to BLOCK the allergens… and REVERSE immune hypersensitivity

WITHOUT messing with your mind.

It’s an herbal remedy originally described in China’s most ancient medical text, the Materia Medica – written by Shennong, the “father of Traditional Chinese Medicine.”

In fact, it’s STILL considered one of the most important herbs used in TCM!

The time for this ‘allergy eater’ is NOW

The Chinese name for it is “huang qi,” which means “yellow leader .”

Astragalus (Astragalus membranaceus) is considered in the pea or bean family…

But it’s not the legume we’re after when it comes to alleviating the MADDENING symptoms of seasonal allergies.

What we want is the extract from its yellow roots.

Thousands of years of human use have shown that this herb helps to…

  • REGULATE your immune response so as not to overreact to allergens, and
  • REDUCE your inflammatory reaction by as much as four times, in some cases ELIMINATING it altogether.

Clinical research has confirmed what traditional medicine has known for a long time…

But it’s also revealed that astragalus helps NEUTRALIZE allergens  by trigging specialized cells to gobble them up (a.k.a. phagocytosis).

Now, Western scientists have been studying this herb and its chemical constituents only since 1952 …

And so far, they’ve found at least A DOZEN flavonoids locked away inside the plant’s rootall showing potential for anti-inflammatory and immunoregulatory action .

Several studies have also shown that the main inflammation fighter in astragalus could be astragaloside IV  – which has both shown to both ease asthma and extend longevity.

You can find isolated astragaloside IV in capsule form…

But much of the contemporary clinical research has been on a to-be-patented form of astragalus extract known as Lectranal .

One clinical trial showed that taking Lectranal over the course of six weeks improved allergy symptoms by 70% .

Unfortunately, it’s only available in Europe and Asia … at least, so far.

So for now, look for the whole herb in the supplement aisle of your local health food store or online.

It’s perfectly safe  to take over a long period of time…

In fact, it’s better if you take it the ENTIRE allergy season – and begin taking it a little bit before the season starts.

That means right now!

As you know, Traditional Chinese Medicine rarely prescribes any single herb on its own…

So while this root may lead the pack among Chinese herbs, you can also combine it with dong quai (“female ginseng”).

To getting a step ahead of spring allergies,

Melissa Young