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Is this public health agency just a corporate SHILL? [Beware its BAD advice!]

It’s usually only during pandemics and other health emergencies that media really highlights what’s going on at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Yet the CDC influences our lives… and our health… on a DAILY basis.

It SUPPOSEDLY doesn’t accept money from special interests, but the scary truth is…

Corporations are pumping MILLIONS of dollars into the federal agency!

And don’t tell me that doesn’t affect the feds’ official recommendations.

Maybe that’s why they hardly EVER make any sense!

I’m about to blow the lid off of this shell game…

Because the agency can no longer HIDE its role in this CORRUPT system.

Failure to disclose

From 2014 to 2018, the CDC received nearly $80 million from outside commercial interests.

But to APPEAR as though it was all on the “up and up,” it FUNNELED the money through its government-chartered CDC Foundation.

That made it LOOK like those payments from the private sector were simply DONATIONS.

I’m telling you right now, they weren’t.

They were bribes!

But the CDC continues to DENY those conflicts of interest… claiming that it’s not funded OR controlled by drug makers or other manufacturers.

Technically, it’s not. Its foundation is.

And the foundation was created in 1995 to fund the federal agency!

Here’s how it works…

When a company needs to promote a test… or even a treatment… for a particular disease, it helps bankroll studies or even an “awareness” program. And BOTH of those activities are channeled DIRECTLY through the CDC.

Sound familiar?

That’s EXACTLY how Tamiflu got pushed on us so aggressively for influenza – despite the fact that it DOESN’T WORK!

The CDC can, in fact, receive financial gifts… as long as they’re UNCONDITIONAL.

But many… if not all… of them aren’t.

Because this SHAM isn’t about which screenings or therapies we NEED the most.

It’s about what’s on the corporations’ AGENDAS… and what will BULK UP their bottom lines.

And that’s not just unnecessary and sometimes possibly harmful pharmaceuticalsmedical devices… or vaccines.

… like the sugar and soda industries… trying to IMPROVE their image!

Talk about COLLUSION!

The CDC was created as a watchdog organization for public health.

But now, it looks like it’ll continue to GO ROGUE… unless some other watchdog group provides some oversight.

That’s why several such organizations stepped in and filed a petition for the CDC to stop LYING… and finally FESS UP.

That was last November… and it seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

Want to give the feds an earful yourself? Call the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services toll-free at 877-696-6775.