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Mainstream docs DEPRIVING cancer patients of this promising therapy-booster?

When you’ve got cancer, you’ve got your eyes focused on the prize.

You’re going to beat this thing.

And mainstream medicine promises to give you EVERY tool at its disposal.

But for certain kinds of cancers, nearly every conventional treatment FAILS… after STEALING your body parts and DISFIGURING you!

There’s something far less BARBARIC for you to try.

It’s a simple vegetable compound… and it can help DESTROY cancer cells.

If you’re already struggling with a cancer diagnosis, it can help SLOW the progression of the disease…

And give you a FIGHTING CHANCE.

There’s just one problem…

Your doc will tell you there’s no PROOF that it works.

But it’s time for you to look at the facts… and decide for yourself.

Leave NO cancer cells behind

When you eat cruciferous vegetables… like cauliflower or broccoli… you consume a substance known as indole-3-carbinol.

But it doesn’t stay that way in your body for long.

Your body breaks it down into another substance, called 3,3’-diindolylmethane, or DIM for short.

Now, you’ve probably already heard how eating cruciferous veggies (a.k.a. Brassica plants) can help beat back cancer. And there are SEVERAL reasons why that may be true.

But DIM could be a particularly key factor, especially with certain types of cancer.

It’s been shown to be even more POTENT of an anti-cancer agent  than the compound it’s derived from!

Now, we know that DIM can influence how your body metabolizes the “female” sex hormone, estrogen

And that could change your fate when it comes to estrogen receptor-positive breast cancercervical cancerovarian cancer… and other hormone-dependent cancers.

Add prostate cancer to that list, too – even the kind that can’t be cured by CASTRATING you!

In prostate cancer patients, DIM has been shown to down-regulate androgen receptors – widely accepted as a key mechanism in beating back this “male” form of cancer.

Wondering how such a simple molecule could possibly measure up against the BEAST of cancer?

Well, studies have shown that DIM can…

  • INDUCE cancer cell suicide (a.k.a. apoptosis)
  • SABOTAGE cancer cell reproduction
  • BLOCK the spreading of cancer cells, and
  • SLAM THE BRAKES on tumor growth, by preventing the formation of new blood vessels in the tumor (a.k.a angiogenesis)

You’d THINK that you couldn’t ask for more from a cancer fighter…

But there IS more when it comes to DIM.

Because research has ALSO shown that it can help AMPLIFY the anti-cancer effects of certain chemo drugs!

In a 2009 animal study, DIM was shown to ENHANCE the activity of the cancer drug docetaxel against lung cancer.

Another study… this one from 2018… showed that DIM helped breast cancer cells become MORE SENSITIVE to docetaxel.

As a result, FEWER cancer cells survived!

And some evidence indicates that DIM might help tamoxifen work better for breast cancer patients, too.

Here’s the icing on the cake…

Researchers out of the Lombardi Cancer Center in Washington, D.C. found that DIM could help SHIELD normal tissue from the harmful effects of radiation.

And you know what I always say – people don’t die from cancer, but from cancer TREATMENTS.

If DIM could help cancer patients shorten their chemotake lower doses… or receive a blast of radiation strong enough to kill their cancer without killing them

Why doesn’t the mainstream want you to have it?!

Don’t tell me there’s nothing PROVEN about this natural supplement.

Now, not all forms of DIM were created alike. Certain ones can be difficult for your body to use.

One of the most advanced… and promising… versions is known as BioResponse (BR)-DIM.

Researchers have recommended a dosage of 225 mg, two times a day – shown to be incredibly safe.

Look for a DIM supplement that lists BR-DIM on its ingredient panel. You can find one at your local health food store or online.